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Why the Year Abroad Shouldn’t be the Best Year of Your Life main image
Why the Year Abroad Shouldn’t be the Best Year of Your Life

Planning to spend a year abroad during your studies? Find out why it WILL be great – but it still shouldn’t be the best year of your life.

15 Jan 2015 by Tiina Niemi
International Students’ Top Reasons to Study in France main image
What’s it like to study in France? Find out what international students say...
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student life
Get More Out of University Life this Year main image
05 Jan 2015 by Dasha Karzunina
Make 2015 the year you really get stuck into university life! Here’s how extra-curricular activities can dramatically...


Does the Gender Gap Matter When Choosing a University? main image
January 28, 2015
Whilst it might be obvious how the gender gap is affecting those who want to work in higher education (see my blog post on this from last week), it might not be so immediately clear why those
Study in Spain: International Student Experiences main image
January 26, 2015
According to international student testimonies, universities in Spain offer top higher education experiences in Europe.
7 Unusual Gap Year Opportunities main image
January 20, 2015
Guest post: Stefan Wathan
How to Get a Meeting with the CEO main image
January 20, 2015
Guest post: Bruce Walker
Study in Italy: International Students’ Reviews main image
January 19, 2015
International students consider Italy a great country for international study experience.
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