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How to Start Blogging at University main image
How to Start Blogging at University

Want to start a student blog while at university? Find out how to start blogging, how to increase your audience and how to become a guest blogger.

23 Mar 2015 by Jo Birdsey
10 Celebrities With Degrees in Engineering main image
From TV stardom, to Forbes’ rich lists, to the surface of the Moon: Where could...
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How to Make Money Out of Your Hobbies main image
11 Mar 2015 by Chad Jarrah
Want to earn some extra money alongside your studies? Find out how to turn your hobbies into potential sources of...


How to Start Blogging at University main image
March 27, 2015
A blog is an online space where you can store your thoughts and ideas as you learn and develop in life and in study. Some student blogs are academically driven, while others explore more personal themes.
4 Ways to Get a Head Start in Your Graduate Career main image
March 26, 2015
Guest post: Lauren Knowles
If you're heading into your final year of university and haven't given much thought to life after graduation, don't panic. You still have plenty of time to plan your future and get your graduate career off to a successful start.
Myths & Misconceptions About English Literature Degrees main image
March 25, 2015
Guest post: A Worried Student
10 Celebrities With Degrees in Engineering main image
March 23, 2015
Considering studying engineering at university, or already enrolled in an engineering degree?
How to Gain Writing Experience While Studying main image
March 23, 2015
Whether you’re studying a creative writing or journalism course, or you want to get some credit to your name in a specialist area, gaining writing experience as you study is a great way to build your CV and boost your employability.
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