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Top 9 Ingredients for a Good Medical Degree main image
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25 Mar 2015

Discover the top things needed for a strong medical degree, such as good facilities, quality of teaching and more...

TOPUNIVERSITIES Medicine by date
Medical Scholarships Around the World main image
23 Feb 2015

Preparing to apply for a medical degree? Discover medical scholarships on offer around the world today.

UK Medical School Admissions Advice main image
13 Nov 2014

Get advice on UK medical school admissions from Dr Rosie Kakkar, senior lecturer and admissions tutor at the University of Central Lancashire.

Top 10 Universities for Medicine main image
21 Aug 2013

Dreaming of studying at one of the world’s top 10 universities for medicine? Find out more about each, including history, research and awards.

Medical Degrees: Regional Differences main image
27 Oct 2012

What you need to know about studying medicine in the US, Canada, UK or Australia.

Medicine at Graduate Level: Student Profile main image
28 Oct 2012

Abhishek Abhisheki is studying a fast-track medicine program at the University of Oxford, on his way to what he calls "the best job in the world"

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