How would YOU consider ranking universities differently?

How would YOU consider ranking universities differently?

I really appreciate the QS Rankings system, so this isn't a means to knock their methodology or anything. But sometimes I think the ranking of universities would be interesting along other types of criteria. Maybe I'm admittedly a bit of a hippie, but there are things I look for in a university such as how socially progressive they are, their adoption of environmentally responsible practices, how controversial and independent they allow their professors to be.

I agree there are other things, but how exactly are you going to rank a university for those things? And is being controversial necessarily a good thing in itself (see here:

I agree that the fun factor is an essential influencer when choosing a university. But should it really have an impact on the university's academic reputation?

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sometimes when we take a look a ranking by subject, we, generally, will assume that the respected university is the best choice to study , but we don't know wether this university is originally respected from undergraduate or the best in graduate . So it is more attractive to people to know ranking by subject by undergraduate and graduate. Thanks for consideration.

Sorry, I really doubt your ranking. Other rankings such as the Financial Times, have completly other results. Some of their top 5 universites are not even in your top 200. How is that possible?

Hi Marc. You're right - different rankings do produce different results, because they use different methodologies. You can see the methodology for the QS World University Rankings here, along with an explanation of why these indicators were selected. Please let us know if there's anything you're unsure about. And don't forget to check out the new 2013/2014 results, if you haven't already!

The Financial Times does business school rankings only. QS covers those on the TopMBA site.

Hi why does the University of South Africa (UNISA) not have a full world ranking?
how are the rankings determined?

Hi David. Thanks for your question. The ranking is growing each year, and now includes 800 universities around the world - but it's important to remember that this is still only a small proportion of the world's thousands of higher education institutions, so it's really quite an elite group. You can see the methodology for the rankings here:

I think university ranking is a globally impact on those students & others, who want to proceed their further studies & research programs . Thats why i am saying that there should be some standards which are fixed to listing the university ranking worldwide .

Dear Colleagues

May someone please tell how to update my University's information on this site? The current description does not do our institution any justice I'm afraid.
Apologies if this is the incorrect forum for my question - if you could redirect me to the correct one I would greatly appreciate it.

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Please contact the Customer Support team - you can find the email address here:


I don't understand why in your Latin American Rankings the Universities appear in a different order from your World Rankings. Such as the case of the Pontificia Universidad Cátolica de Chile, which in the World Rankings is in 166 and the UNAM is in 163, while in Latin American Rankings is in 2 and the UNAM is in 6. I would like to know which factors affected to make this difference.

Hi Moises. Thanks for your question. The reason for the differences is that the two rankings use a methodology - a slightly different set of indicators is used for the Latin American ranking, chosen to select regional priorities and challenges.

The methodology for the QS World University Rankings is here:

And you can see the methodology for the QS University Rankings: Latin America here:

When using the rankings tables, you can check how each university scores for each indicator, so that should allow you to see in more detail how the universities compare.

Hope this helps!

Hello everyone,

I am interested in attending a Mater's Degree in International Relations in China- starting from September 2014. I am interested in Tsinghua University (which is one of the best along with Peking University and Fudan University). Did somebody attend one of them? May I contact someone who can give me few information about it?

Thank you!!

Yes, there are many other very iportant things that I think people should consider in rankings!

Hi Friends,

I have a chosen a course name "Msc in Finance and Information system" in Ireland.College ranking is around 501-500.I may have a chance of getting a offer letter very shortly.Kindly suggest if this univ. can be taken up for studies.

Hi Friends - I am an international development professional with work experience of around 13 years in leading consulting firms. I have a Bachelors and a prior MBA. I am looking at a 1 year MA or MSc course related to the field of international development. I have identified LSE which offers some interesting courses. Could you please suggest other names? I am clearly looking at a college which has good linkages with the job market, moreso with multilateral institutions and the IGO sector. Any suggestions?

Please advice on Nagoya university of Japan for physics as it's ranking in 2013 was 37th and in 2014 list it's in 51-100.waiting for an early response as got to take the decision urgently

Hi Ruchi. Any university which ranks in the top 100 is still within the very top percentage globally, so Nagoya University is still in a very strong position. We would also advise students never to base a decision about where to study solely based on rankings tables - these are intended to be a useful resource to help with your research, but you should always consider other factors, such as how well the course content matches your own interests. Hope this helps.

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Which is best undergraduate school for INTERIOR DESIGN in the world?
What is the admission criteria as International students?

I am considering taking admission at the University of Bath, UK in psychology. It is ranked very highly in the three different UK rankings but does not find mention at all in the QS world rankings? Why is that so?

Hi Dr Chugh. Actually the University of Bath is ranked within the global top 200 in the latest QS World University Rankings:

Differences in position are due to different methodologies used to create each university ranking table. To understand how the QS ranking is created, please see this overview:

Hope this helps!

This article made me shocked:
Please help me to find the best university in the medical field

Hi Amine. We certainly would never recommend choosing a university based solely on a ranking table, and it's always important to understand how the ranking was created and what it really means. However, rankings can still be a good starting point to help you identify some of the best reputed and high performing institutions in your subject area.

You can find the latest QS ranking of top medical schools here :

And an explanation of the ranking methodology is here:

When choosing a medical school it will also be useful to think about what's most important for you personally - for example a particular medical specialization, association with a well-known hospital, opportunities to pursue your own medical research, and so on.

Best wishes for your search, and please let us know how you get on!



the latest QS ranking of top medical schools here :


It seems that the people who organised this rank do not know that Israel in situated in asia, so they did not put its ranking in Asia ranking list. Why??

Things looked rosy for Cambridge last month. Yes, the university may have lost pole position in the world university rankings to paradise . But in taking second place, three slots clear of its great rival Oxford and two ahead of it reaffirmed its status as the leading light in higher education.

Hi everyone,

I love history and want to study history in university
As I live in HK, i have some research on global history ranking of university
it is very weird that, in 2013 and 2012, there are no HK's university enter the top 50 in the subject of History
But, in 2014 Hong Kong university suddenly enter top 50 and defeat the NUS and Peking University and become the 3rd best university of history in Asia.
Also I am very confused that, in 2012, Peking university's history ranking is 22, best in Asia, and others like Kyoto university and NUS are very low,
The situation change suddenly, in 2013, these 2 university overtaken Peking University and in 2014, the Hong Kong University defeat Peking university

Thus, I am very confused and doubt whether the QS's ranking is rational and scientific for me to choose which university i am going to study next year

Hi Chun.

We'd never using rankings as a sole method of choosing a university. The information provided is meant to be just one useful resource, and it's always important to do your own research and identify an institution and course that are a good fit for you.

You can find information about the methodology used to create the QS Rankings by Subject here:

When using the ranking table (and logged in as a site member) you can also filter the results by each of the indicators used, to get a better idea of each university's strongest points.

Hope this helps a little, and best wishes for your university choice - I'm sure you'll reach the right decision!


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