Grad school scholarships?

Grad school scholarships?

On the topuniversities blog there's this post which got me thinking about trying for one of these! I'd like to study somewhere new and far away from home to really make the most of this experience but it seems like such a far-fetched dream sometimes. Have any of you received such scholarships, and care to share how you got them? Thanks!

Me too! Doing a masters abroad is my dream - espeicially in Canada or the US. Seems like there are some really good ones but you have to be pretty lucky :S

OMG I read that post too!! I really want to study in New York and start a new life for myself! What country are you from - u should check if there is a Fulbright commission, the one for the UK is -

I want that I read abroad university please send me format how can admition of your university please and send me amount of university expanses please give me charities i am a poor but I read and make a big business man please help me please I am very thankful for u thank

Well, there is no denying that attaining any scholarship seems a far-fetched dream. But let me be honest with you; if you don't believe you can do it, you will never do it. Most of the scholarship committees review candidates' academic history but your essay/personal statement is the defining feature of your scholarship application. So you must pay special attention to it. Read it hundreds of times if you are not satisfied with it, get someone to read it, preferably your teacher, senior colleague or someone who has already attained any scholarship. Hope your dream will become reality :)

Nice post!.Scholarships are available for graduate students.. Graduate students are depend heavily on fellowships.Especially Scholarship is highly needed in nursing or teaching areas.Thanks for scholarship providers who help the graduate students by providing a bit of extra funding.So You have need to check out various scholarships and financial aid opportunities which is targeted for graduate students and for more information on scholarships based on other criteria. You can also search for  free scholarship.Because many scholarships are open to both graduates and undergraduates.


This may sound silly, but what exactly is the difference between a fellowship and a scholarship??

Hi. I think somethimes the terminology just varies depending on the university. But usually fellowshiops are for postgraduate students (or postdoctoral) and they're more like getting a job at the university, rather than just getting a grant to help with your funding. Does that make sense?

Agreed, A fellowship is where one has to work under a contract with the University, because of the scholarship granted.

my name is a sandeep kumar or but me its sir aerospace or sir Undergraduate 2014 years inquary is a HND accsptens ya not .when 2nd years ya 3 thirds years addimsion
infromaions only Undergraduate for about my self sandeep,not just a prsn bt just a defination itself.. b royal,n loyal abt urself. life concept- zindgi ko suljhao nhi uljh jaoge just live it with joy,get experiences..jb jjbat havi ho to ya to kalm ke sahare kagaj pr utar do ya aasu k sahare bahr nikal do.. i lv n respect myself so so.....much.. thank u God n frnds to b wid me.

thanx sir
sandeep kumar

Hey! I really want to do my undergraduate in mechanical engineering in the UK and I was wondering if any good universities offer scholarships for this course...

My friend tried to submit scholarship applications online. She tried to apply humanitarian studies in Hungary and Germany. Maybe you want to try and find out.

hi does one get a scholarship in MIT university,i would really love to join it and do my masters there.please kindly assist me

Am obed,anyone with help on how to get a scholarship to study in USA or Canda can help me..thank you..GOD BLESS YOU.

hello sir i am mandeep kaur. i want to apply for masters. hoe can i get scholarship? can give me some details regarding this.?

hullo,who can guide me to get a supervisor of my ph.D research that is going to be carried out in swiss. any social science professor

Can anyone help me on how to get a scholarship to study a masters program in Canada or Asia. I am from Nigeria

Student Competitions is a talent recruitment company based in Stockholm, Sweden. You can check out the top 10 scholarship competitions listed here:

If you can't find what you are looking for, you can check out a list of scholarship portals here:

Hope this helps!

can someone help me on how to get scholarship for master's degree in geographic information system(GIS) and remote sensing or meteorology in any good university- Canada, US, Australia, Asia etc. I will appreciate urgent response pls.

Can anyone help me on how to get a scholarship to study a undergraduate intern ship in England. I am from pakistan plz guide me.

do anyone have any information regarding scholarship for pharmacy degree ( Bpharm ) or any course related 2 pharmacy anywhere in USA... plzzz help me.

Getting a scholarship from MIT , depends upon your profile and what do you bring to the university.
There are multiple types of grants which are available , have a look at the link below to understand which one do you qualify for

All said and done , you need to prepare a complete application set to apply to the university , to understand what kind of scholarships you would be eligible for .You don't need to be at the university to apply for a scholarship , while applying you can apply for various waivers which a university accepts , for this you need to short-list & understand the scholarship requirements of a particular university.

Hi Guys,

My name is Shahid and I am from India how can i get the scholarship if anyone know please help me...


i want to study medicine in europian countries but i have not completed my undergraduate.iam from a very poor for schoolarship what i need to do please inform me

Respected sir my name is parmeshwar. im doing MA economics in Fergusson college pune and i want do phd in economics but i dont hav any economical background so what to do??

Greetings Sir/Ma'am,

Good day!

My name is Raymond and currently working as Quality Assurance Specialist in a Food Manufacturing Industry.
How can I get a scholarship for Master Degree in Research?
I finished BS Food Technology in a State University and received a Best Thesis Award. Hope someone will help me to regarding my query. Thanks in advance :)

Respected sir my name is annynaj. im doing MA economics in Fergusson college pune and i want do phd in economics but i dont hav any economical background so what to do??

Hi Guys...
I am an Iraqi citizen studying in India. I am 15 yrs old doing my 11 GRADE, Physics, Chemistry and Biology as majors with Theology, Physical Education and English as Subsidiary, from a CBSE affiliated School (English Medium). I wish to study Medicine in the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge or Harvard University. But my father hasn't started his career and he don't have enough money to fund mine and my 3 siblings' education...

I want a scholarship to study medicine in the universities named above...

Please advise...

I will be highly obliged to you..


hello friend..@Wid.. :)
i read your post. i am also studying in 11th. i am also seeking for scholarship to study in abroad. If u get any information regarding this, then please please share it with me too..
Helping others is good. I'll be obliged to you.
my email id is -

Its my hope to finish my study in a Civil Engineering, Planning Engineering....
Because of my country situation it being very difficult for me to learn .. legally ... I study it illegally and i start illegal duties on line in a Planning Engineering ....
I hope to find a help of Scholarships

Hello, I am Sita, a young Togolese student aged 22 years. I would like to get a scholarship in 2014 to study for free at the University of Chong qing. Tell me how? 'Please help me, it's really important to me. Thank you for your answers.

Thank you all!

Please explain any body getting scholarship procedure in M.Sc on Singaporean university ???

Welcome everybody to Ukrainian Education Centre, Ukraine:
scholaships, low tuition fees,mbbs,md for indian students and from another countries

Hello, I am Nafees Ullah, a young Togolese student aged 28 years. I would like to get a scholarship in 2014 to study for free at the University of Toronto. Tell me how? 'Please help me, it's really important to me. Thank you for your answers.
Thank you all!

Hello, i am kenneth gilbert yentumi, a young ghanaian student aged 22 years old. i would like to to get a scholarship this year to study at any university at united states to study human resources management. please help me. thank you

Dear sir or Madam,
I'm want asked you something about scholarship that your university provides for Afghan students .
if yes then could you please tell me the way.

i am iftekhar islam how can i get a scholar ship in your university can you help me sir please

Focus on pursuing the course of your choice and securing a great education.
Here education loan for MBA is available and proper information on Loans.

hello. I'm MBBS (medicine and surgery) undergraduate student from Pakistan. I want to continue my studies abroad, in a reputed institution with full scholarship. please let me know if you have any suitable information. thank you

hi, i am doing my masters in history from India. i want to pursue musulogy or conservation after my post-grads. and i want to do it from germany. how do i go about it?? which exams shall i prepare for??

Hi Amrita. If you're looking to study in Germany it may be useful to take a look at our dedicated country guide:

At postgraduate level you need to apply directly to each of the German universities you're interested in. The admissions requirements may vary but should be clearly listed on the university websites. To get an overview of some of Germany's highest ranked institutions, take a look at the latest QS World University Rankings and then filter by country:

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

hi, i am Dominic Tuwei aged 22 yrs currently studying Bsc. Actuarial science in Kenya. i would like to ask for any full available scholarships so that i can do my masters in abroad

I am very happy to have this time to submitted this letter to your office, I am looking for a scholarship from any well to be countries to help me and provide for me a scholarship for undergraduate.

I come from Uganda in the northern part of the country which was affected by the war. and I currently have no money to pay my fees at the university. I READ ABOUT YOUR SCHOLARSHIP ON LINE, Please may you help and let me also be part of the benefiting student.

My name is Semambo Zubair,am Ugandan by Nationality,Muslim by Religion 29 years of age and living ni the Arab Republic of Egypt. am very happy for having submit my request while applying for education scholarship into your office.Have gone so many difficulties in my studies to the extent that,I had given up with studies when i finished up my (''O"level)and i find that ,i have no money to continue with my education ,since 2002 have struggled with life but no way.But due to Gods'plan,have not given up till to day/15/05/2014,through keep on searching,i find this great and remarkble to me. Now am trying my lack looking for a scholarship from any well to be countries to help me and provide for me a scholarship for to continue my studies please gently and humbly i beg of you Sir or Madam.
I come from Kiboga District Western Central part Uganda. Currently living in Cairo,Egypt. I have no money to pay my fees and also cater for my self even. I READ ABOUT YOUR SCHOLARSHIP ON LINE,And am so much ready even if am sponsored or founded by any Institution / College or University Projects. Please may you help and let me also be part of the benefiting student,i will be so much great full if my request is granted.thank you

Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm so delighted to express my feelings through this medium.I'm Cynthia,a Nigerian of the Christian religion,26years of age and living in Lagos-one of the western cities in my country.I've always & still have the zeal & interest to further my education after 8years of finishing my post-primary education.Though no finances,willing to keep that hope alive,I resorted to sought for a free full time scholarship for an undergraduate course in Medicine or any related(Pharmacy) with University of Delhi.
I would be so grateful to you all should my request be granted.Thanks in anticipation.REMAIN BLESSED.

Hello Sir my name is Sabina Joy,my dream is to complete a PHD in Ancient Civilisations and Philosophy, at a good ranking University. I am 55 years young.
Please help , if anybody can give any advice for a scholarship in these academic fields.
thank you