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Grad school scholarships?

On the topuniversities blog there's this post which got me thinking about trying for one of these! I'd like to study somewhere new and far away from home to really make the most of this experience but it seems like such a far-fetched dream sometimes. Have any of you received such scholarships, and care to share how you got them? Thanks!

Hello am Frank, 16 years old boy from Ghana and wish to study in one of the best universities abroad. human resource management, financial accounting.

Hi Frank, you might be interested in browsing our rankings by subject for Accounting and Finance, and Business and Management. :)

Greetings Sir/Ma'am,

Good day! My name is Andrew Mogbolu Onyebuchi from Delta State Nigeria, i have hearing and speech problem and these have made thing very difficult for me in my academic. Sir i drop out of school where there is no one to help me to pay up my school fees because i don't have any parents who can do that for me i lost my parents when i was a little boy that the reason i want you people to please help me to raise a fund to enable me go back to my study. i want to study information technology in European countries but i have not completed my undergraduate.i am from a very poor for scholarship Sir if you people do this for me and i will take you people as my parents.

Your consideration of the application in positive light will no doubt help me in overcoming or reducing my financial challenge.

Hoping to see you soonest considerate and king appraisal, please.

Hi Andrew, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Europe.  For more information on how to find and apply to scholarships, please see our Scholarship Applications FAQ. Hope this helps!

i guys im aged 17 im in the 11th grade and im studying in south africa how do i get accepted as an undergraduate student in germany

Hi Mitchel, we will soon be publishing an article with a step-by-step guide on how to apply to study in Germany, so please watch this space! (You can follow our Twitter or Facebook accounts to see when it's published.) In the meantime, please take a look at our guide to studying in Germany and our list of scholarships to study in Germany. Hope this helps! 

hey there
my name is Sam from Zimbabwe, i am currently in my 2nd year Bachelors in Accounting at the University of the State in South Africa. I am looking forward to do Msc in Finance and Accounting, Accounting, or Accounting and Taxation (English) in Germany. if possible i want a tuition free institution to start in 2017.

Hi Laura,
i am Farhan Riaz Bhutta from Pakistan. I have completed my M.Phil Sociology (18 Years degree) and i want to get enrolled in Ph.D Sociology from any university of Germany. what i need to do, please guide me ? and how many chances are available to get scholarship for my Ph.D.
Thank you words can not repay your kind guideline.

Respected sir! my name is Dost Ali . I have done MA & LLB from punjab university ,lahore ,Pakistan, and i want to get further legal qualification like LLM etc. I don't hav any economical background . please guide me how i can get admisstion in spain university and which university and which course are suitable for me .

Hi Dost, please take a look at our guide to studying abroad in Spain, which should help! Good luck :)

Dear Laura,

I want to pursue MBA in Germany/Scandinavia regarding which I have following queries:

1) Do I need to clear TOEFL or German Equivalent or Scandinavian Equivalent for language to study/work in these countries?

2)What would be the total expenses(24 month tuition fee+rent/accommodation+misc expenses) on an average?

3) What are the chances of getting a job(in Germany/Scandinavia) after the completion of course from them and how much would they pay?

4) Is there any European equivalent of GMAT or is GMAT score good enough to get admission there? What is the exact procedure to get admission?

I have read several of your blogs and also others in many different websites but each give different views. Kindly guide me.

Hi Ankit. Take a look at our sister site, - this is dedicated to MBAs :)

I've received an admission offer & accepted it for master's program starting from Sept, 2015 at some Canadian university. We live in India & now I'm to apply for study permit. I've got all required documents, but have a little query regarding financial support document. My real uncle (mother's brother) will be supporting me financially for my expenses such as education fees, daily expenses for survival in Canada. What documents me & my uncle need to arrange for financial support document ?
I'm looking forward for your kind response.


Hi there, this information is available on the CIC website here and it states that you can provide 'some' of the evidence listed. I'd advice providing a letter from your Uncle outlining his intention to support you and copies of your uncle's bank statements for the last 4 months.

The amount of money a single student needs proof of (outside of Quebec) is the cost of tuition + CAD$10,000 for a 12-month period (or $833 per month)

I hope this helps!

Laura :)

hi i m shilu from Nepal and want to have some information regarding masters in human resource management. i couldnot apply for the fall intake for US universities due to my low score in toefl so i m planning again can anyone provide me how can i get scholarships for my master in MBA or related field of my interest which is marketing, organizational behaviour

Hi Shilu, have you seen our Business & Entrepreneurship and Leadership Scholarship articles? You may also search for funding on university websites (many schools will list scholarship/fellowships and grants) - and, to find the top universities in the US for business and management you can see our latest subject ranking. For more info on finding funding, see our FAQ.

Laura :)

I am Aastha and I am 14yrs old I want a scholarship to study in Canada. Please help me.

Hey Aastha, have you seen our article on Scholarships to Study in Canada? This is just a short list, but to find more scholarship opportunities visit the websites of Canadian universities or read our FAQ for more info. L :)



Hi Dhaval! We have a Scholarships to Study in Europe article which may be useful, but for more information on how to find and apply to scholarships, see our Scholarship Applications FAQ

Our full range of international scholarship articles can be found here and our Europe country guides are here.

Hope this helps!



Hi i am Justin from Nigeria and a have a huge interest to study abroad [Europe] on a scholarship how can i start the process do i have to be admitted into the university in Europe before i can apply for the scholarship ?

Hi Justin. The process of applying varies depending on which European country you want to study in. For more details, take a look at our country guides for popular European study destinations, here. Hope this is helpful!

Hi i am from Pakistan and would like to study in Netherland. Is ther age limit ti study in Netherland?

Hi Bruce, the Netherlands is a popular study destination and as far as I know Dutch universities have no age limit. For general information on how to study abroad, see our FAQ. Good luck! Laura

Hello, my name is victor from nigeria, I have a degree in biochemistry and would like to further in a closely related course for masters in Austria. So I would like to know the tuition fee involved and admission procedure required.

Hi Victor, for more information about studying in Austria, see our Austria country guide. To find leading Austrian universities see the QS World University Rankings 2014/15 or use our latest subject rankings to find the best schools in your subject.

Have a nice day!


hi .i am zahra . i will study in psychology phd.plz tell me how i can get scholarship ?thank you

Hi Zahra, have you seen our range of scholarship articles? We have lists of opportunities all around the world and also a Scholarship Application FAQ with info on how to find scholarships. Also, a good place to look for funding opportunities is the website of your prospective university.

If you've not yet chosen a university, see our subject rankings for a look at the world's top universities for psychology.

Good luck! Laura :)

I just graduated my secondary level, I need help, anyone kind enough to help me find a scholarship, I'm planing to study abroad

Hi Lushomo, one of the best places to look for scholarship funding will be your chosen university (use their website to find this information) but we also have a range of scholarship articles to help students find funding opportunities all over the world. Some scholarships will depend on your academic record, some on your subject of study and some will be based on nationality. Have a browse through all these articles or look at our Scholarship Applications FAQ for more info. Good luck! Laura

So, I will study psychology in Leuven, because they have a lot more interesting masters and I can always work in Ireland afterwards.

Thank you, that really helped! And I will let you know as soon as I decided :)

Great, please do!

Hi, I was wondering what would be better: studying psychologie in Galway or in Leuven (Belgium). I know leuven scores higher on the list, but some people told me that there are more job opportunities for this study in Ireland.

Hi Noemi. I'd recommend spending time looking at the course content in each case, to see which appeals to you most. If you're keen to find relevant work in the local area, it might also be worth contacting the department and/or the university careers service, to see whether they offer any placement schemes. Do let us know which you decide on!

Thanks a lot Laura,I will most definitely do.You don't know how much I appreciate this...thanks again

where can I find Scholarship for master in Microbiology ?

Hi Mohammed, the best place to look for scholarships would be the university you wish to attend. If you have not yet chosen a university, consider this list of the top universities in the world for biological sciences (use the filter to choose your country of study). Alternatively, take a look at our range of scholarships articles which list undergraduate and graduate scholarships to study across the world. Good luck! Laura

I truly understand what u were trying to indicate mam and I have also looked up for the date of one of these events in my city and it like 5 months from now in April. So since it's quite far so just wanted to know from you if there are any universities in Germany where I stand a chance and name of them as per your knowledge.
And thanks a lot for taking out time for my question.

Thanks a lot for that but that hardly answers my question.

Admissions criteria will vary depending on the university and the course, but admission to universities in Germany is certainly very competitive. I suggested attending the QS World Grad School Tour as a way to get access to more personalized advice and perhaps discover some new options which you hadn't previously considered - apologies for not explaining this in my previous post.

Hello mam,I have scored 43% in graduation and am looking to study for my PG in a country like Germany though I know my %age isn't that good (my 10th and 12th %ages are far better around 70%)but is there any university in which I can get a chance to enroll myself into...?I am from commerce background and am looking for Ms in business mgnt or Mass communication.
Thank u
PS-waiting desperately for favorable info from u

Hi Suchit. Are you able to attend a QS World Grad School Tour event? This is a chance to get face to face advice and meet with universities and business schools from around the world. You can find your nearest event here

Hi Laura ! I am planning to do my (masters) in computer science . But a friend of mine told me that in Germany higher education is free ! So is it TRUE
I want authentic information . so i can proceed

Hi Umair, while studying in Germany is now completely free for undergraduate students, there are still some fees for master's students. For more information see this article. If you gain acceptance onto a program however, you may be eligible for a scholarship to cover these fees. To take a look at various scholarships to study in Germany, click here. Hope this helps! Laura

Hi Laura Bridgestock. I want to know about studying in Germany

Hi Umair! What is it you would like to know? I can't give you advice on particular programs but I can point you in the direction of our Study in Germany guide and our Study in Germany FAQ which hopefully can answer most of your questions.



Hi Pritom. Check out question 4 in our list of FAQs, here. Hope this helps!

Can someone please tell...if I am willing to join in reputed german institutions...will I be taught in English or German language??

hey i have just finished my secondary education .am joining the university next year for my bachelors degree.but i want to study in Germany is there any possibility i can a full scholarship to study there and is it a must i should be knowing Germany language.thank you

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