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The University of Basel was founded in 1460. It is the oldest university in Switzerland. We pride ourselves on a tradition of over five hundred years of excellence in teaching, learning, and research, during which we have adopted a forward-looking approach to new developments in science to provide high-quality education and underpin our well-deserved reputation as a university capable of attracting staff and students from all over the world.

Located in the heart of Basel, and drawing on innovation anchored in tradition, the University of Basel is dynamic and innovative. We offer a broad range of attractive undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, access to reputable international research networks, and provide a wide range of services to students and the community. Most recently, we have undertaken a major review of our programmes to align these with the Bologna Declaration of the European Ministers of Education to enhance interdisciplinarity, promote networked research, and increase the international scope and reputation of the University.

Research at the University of Basel focuses on “Life Sciences” and “Culture“. Both core areas comprise a wide range of projects, involving research staff and scientists committed to interdisciplinary work and a cross-faculty approach to advancing our knowledge of life and the workings of culture.

The University of Basel is committed to providing state-of-the-art education and to facilitating outstanding research. Our key strategic aim is to develop, enhance, and sponsor research which has acknowledged standards of excellence, and to provide an atmosphere and infrastructure commensurate with that objective.

Undergraduate Courses

Department of Philosophy and Media Studies
Department of History
Department of Acient Studies
Department of Religious Studies
Department of Linguistics and Literature
Department of Chemistry
Department of Physics
Department of Integrative Biology
Department of Aesthetics
Department of Social Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Information Technology
Department of Dentistry
Public Relations and Press Office
Department of Physics: NCCR Nanoscale Science
Department of Internal Medicine
Department of Anaestesia
Department of Surgery
Department of Pharmaceutical Science
Department of Environmental Studies
Career Service Center
Department of Public Health
Department of Life Sciences
Department of Biomedicine


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