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So, you’ve done the research, you’ve talked it over with your nearest and dearest, you’re pretty confident that you’re going to get the grades you need and you've chosen your ideal university or grad schoolNow there’s just one small obstacle standing in your way: actually getting into the university of your choice.

How to Market Yourself to a Grad School Admissions Committee main image
Admissions Advice
01 Jul 2016

Applying to grad school? Get some advice on how to market yourself effectively to the grad school admissions committee. 

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Get advice on UK medical school admissions from Dr Rosie Kakkar, senior lecturer and admissions tutor at the University of Central Lancashire.

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Prepare for your university admission interview with this list of common admission interview questions, and tips on how to answer them.

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University admissions are one reason to take an English language exam – but there are lots of unexpected perks. Find out how you could benefit.

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Unsure how to prepare for a university admissions interview? Read our top tips for admissions interview success. 

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