Advice for Parents

Practical information and advice for parents whose children are preparing to begin university-level studies.

Parents of International Students: The Questions to Ask main image
Advice for Parents
28 Oct 2012

Make sure you ask the right questions before sending your child off to study abroad.

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Parents' Guide to Student Finance and Careers main image

How much will you have to contribute, and will your investment be worth it?

University for Parents: Guide to Student Life main image

Student accommodation and campus activities could make or break your child's university experience.

University for Parents: Guide to Choosing a Program main image

How you can help your child make the best decision about where and what to study?

Parents Guide to Student Safety and Wellbeing main image

How can you help your child stay safe and well while studying abroad?

Parents Guide to Staying in Touch During University main image

Distance should be no barrier to communication, no matter where your child is studying.

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