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Aarhus University Undergraduate

A young university with high aspirations • Aarhus University was established in 1928. Today Aarhus University is Denmark`s second largest university with approximately 39,000 students and 6,000 faculty staff. Aarhus University is placed in the top 100 in the university rankings • The main academic areas are: Arts, Science and Technology, Health Sciences and the School of Business and Social Sciences • The main campus is located in Aarhus situated around the University Park. The park is popular with the students as a place for both leisure and studies, while also being famous in for hosting the annual Boat Race in the University Lake, gathering more than 25.000 students every year • The city centre of Aarhus is only few minutes away from the campus, and Aarhus ranks as one of Europe`s best cities in which to live and study. The city is ripe with opportunities aimed at students. Concerts, museums, nightlife and shopping are all within walking distance • Researchers at Aarhus University won the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry 1997 (Jens Christian Skou) and Economics in 2010 (Dale T. Mortensen) • More information: • • • •


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