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The Australian National University




4,000 USD - 6,000 USD


Australia’s national university offers students world-class facilities, including the most powerful computer system in Australia, modern laboratories, classrooms and lecture theatres and libraries that are home to more than two million traditional volumes.

Campus living provides students with all the facilities needed, including a health centre, optometrist, dentist, cafes, restaurants and bars, well-equipped gym and excellent sporting grounds.

Education Links

ANU has close links with government, industry and research institutions in Australia and around the world, including leading universities in the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU).  As Australia’s only member of this prestigious association, ANU enjoys close relationships with Cambridge, Oxford, Berkeley, Yale, ETH Zurich, Copenhagen, National University of Singapore, Peking and Tokyo Universities. 

ANU offers a diverse and distinctive student exchange program with over 100 different institutions and has collaborative projects with organisations ranging from NASA to the European Union.

Campus/ Location

Nicknamed “the Bush Capital”, Canberra is the political and administrative centre of Australia.  Unique among world capitals, Canberra is a small, vibrant city nestled amongst some of the country’s most beautiful natural environments.

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