Bogor Agricultural University Undergraduate

The Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) or Bogor Agricultural University, which was established in 1963, is the only state university focusing on tropical agriculture and life sciences in a broad sense. IPB is located about 60 kilometers from the capital city of Jakarta. Internationally IPB is well recognized. It has been in a long standing cooperation with foreign universities and related institutions. International partnerships involve student/ academic staff exchange, research collaboration, joint publication, and dual degree programs. Given excellent facilities and qualified human resources, IPB is capable of offering various innovative programs in education and research suited to the national as well as international development. The educational programs include vocational (Diploma), undergraduate (Strata 1), and postgraduate (Master and Doctoral) programs. Further, in an attempt in improving itself for excellence and realizing its motto "searching and serving the best" as well as vision and mission, IPB is now preparing to switch from a teaching-based to a research-based university. Since December 2000, our university has become an autonomous university, and this autonomy is fully implemented at the end of this year, 2005. The status enables us to manage all the university's assets for academic excellence (including the three principal responsibilities of higher education: education, research, and community services/empowerment) and entrepreneurial purposes. With the autonomy status, and our commitment to excellence, we have made two major changes: academic and administrative reorganizations. In the academic reorganization, we have just implemented the major-minor system for undergraduate programs. In this system, prospective students can have much more possibilities to choose their field of studies adjusted to their specific needs and employment opportunity. We have 36 Departments offering major-minor and supporting courses. In the major-minor system, it is possible for the undergraduate students to choose more than four hundred fields of studies. The major-minor system is also being considered for implementation in postgraduate programs. The administration system has also been improved and now is supported by a more effective and efficient system of information technology. IPB currently consists of 9 Faculties, 36 Departments. IPB offers 13 Diploma, 34 S1, 37 S2, and 27 S3 study programs. Study programs offered by IPB cover a wide range of agricultural sciences, from social-economic sciences, to natural and environmental sciences, marine sciences, mathematics, computer science and information services. The study programs provide competence currently required in the development of agricultural industries, marine resources and sustainable development. IPB owns land assets totaling 559.1 ha, including an Experimental Farm totaling 262.1 ha and campus grounds of 297 ha. IPB has also held an Education Forest for 140,300 ha since 1999. In addition IPB maintains 8 student dormitories for up to 5,109 students. There is a total of 58 activity units for students covering sports, professional activities, community services and other activities.


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