Chung-Ang University(CAU) Undergraduate

Chung-Ang University(CAU) has 96 year-old tradition of providing the highest quality of education and conducting advanced research activities under the educational slogan of "Die in Justice, Live in Righteousness." CAU is now aiming at becoming a prestigious global university by the year of 2018 based on its proven leadership in Korea. CAU is widely recognized as the center of the "Korean culture wave" inside and outside Asia. Its unique strength of international programs comes not only from its wide spectrum of excellent academic curriculum but also from the diverse culture-related educational programs which are ranked as the best in Korea.


Department of Applied Plant Science
Department of Composition & Musicology
School of Performance Film Creation
Department of Child Welfare
Department of Orchestral Instruments
School of European Languages and Cultures
Department of Japanese Language and Literature
Department of Advertising & Public Relations
Department of Physical Education
Faculty of Business & Commerce
School of Business Administration
School of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Sculpture
Department of Political Science and International Relations
Department of Physics
Department of Urban & Regional Planning
Administrative Organization - Office of Planning and Coordination
Department of Nursing
Faculty of Sport & Leisure Studies
School of Integrative Engineering
Department of Library and Information Science
School of Design
Department of English Language and Literature
Department of Economics
Department of Housing Studies
Department of Education
School of Traditional Arts
Department of Russian
School of Asian Languages and Cultures
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Department of Korean Painting
Department of International Logistics
Department of Biotechnology
Department of Percussion & World Music
Department of Sociology
Department of Voice
School of Fine Art
Department of Psycholgy
Faculty of Pharmacy
Department of English Education
Faculty of Economics
School of Chemical Engineering and Material Science
School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
School of Pharmacy
Department of Industrial Design
Department of Psychology
Department of Chemistry
Department of Information Systems
Administrative Organization - Office of Student Services
Division of Drama & Film Studies


World University Rankings 2014/15

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