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Introduction to City University of Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong (CityU), one of the eight government-funded institutions in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, is a leading global university excelling in research and professional education. CityU offers professional education that prepares its students for the challenges and exciting opportunities opening up in Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific region and throughout the world in business, science and engineering, energy and environment, law, creative media and social sciences. Our teachers are recruited from around the world, each an expert in their profession. Employing interactive, IT-based teaching methodologies, students acquire a first-rate grounding in their chosen subjects and the life-long learning skills needed for the real world. CityU offers state-of-the-art learning, teaching and research facilities in a high-technology environment to create an ambiance that encourages intellectual curiosity, social interaction, self-expression and mutual support. At CityU, students are encouraged to become original thinkers and to discover for themselves solutions to the myriad problems we face today. Relevance of creativity, the need to be curious and the sheer excitement of discovery are emphasised among the students. CityU has achieved phenomenal growth since its establishment in 1984. To date, it has a student population of over 17,000 (excluding sub-degree students), of which over 5,900 are postgraduates. The University offers more than 130 programmes at the associate degree, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For more information about the University and its academic and supporting units, please visit our website Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies Postgraduate education facilitates the advancement of knowledge and provides high-level academic education and professional training to cater for the society’s needs. To provide a better focus for the further development of its postgraduate programmes, the University established the School of Graduate Studies in 1994. The School offers a wide spectrum of high quality programmes and student activities. Both taught and research programmes are favourably received by students and have earned high acclaim from the community. MPhil and PhD programmes are offered in all Colleges and Schools* covering a wide range of strategic areas to reflect the University’s strengths and to suit individuals’ research interests. The School offers studentship, a number of scholarships, conference grant and other financial assistance to students so that they can engage in more academic exchange activities which are beneficial and related to their research studies. Through collaboration with scholars in different regions, students can bring their research skills to new heights. The School received generous donation from Dr Chow Yei Ching, and was named the “Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies” in 2006. For more information about the School, please visit our website . * College of Business, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, College of Science & Engineering, School of Creative Media, School of Energy & Environment and School of Law.

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