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10,000 USD - 12,000 USD
For more than two hundred years, Ecole Polytechnique, the most prestigious educational establishment in France, has been dedicated to educating students in Science and Technology at the highest level. The mission of Ecole Polytechnique is to train students capable of devising and achieving complex and innovative projects at the highest-level possible, thanks to a strong multidisciplinary scientific education. Among Polytechnique-related high-technology projects are the TGV, France’s high-speed train; Ariane rocket launchers; the only commercial supersonic aircraft, the Concorde; Airbus planes; the world-wide implementation of the most successful mobile telephone system, the GSM; and France’s nuclear reactor system. The Ecole's mission is also to train young men and women in leadership skills so that they can become tomorrow's outstanding scientists, researchers, managers and public officials. Ecole Polytechnique, a state-supported Grande Ecole, with 2,500 students, more than 900 faculty members and 1,600 people in its Research Centre, is a member of the ParisTech group which is composed of ten of the foremost French Graduate Institutes of Science & Technology located in the Paris area. There are many reasons why outstanding students in Science and Technology might choose to study at Ecole Polytechnique: - A wide and comprehensive curriculum which offers each and...

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