GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology Postgraduate

The Graduate Program at GIK Institute is designed to be of international standards. It is a significant step towards reducing our reliance on technically advanced countries for higher education in engineering. The faculty, research laboratories and library facilities provide easy access to the latest corpus of knowledge in fields of specialization. Our students also have opportunities to complete part of their studies at reputed universities abroad under various split degree programs. The GIK Institute graduate program is expected to be a major stride in the evolution of engineering education and research in the country and bring about a qualitative change in this field. This will, it is envisaged, promote productive liaison between the Institute and the industry. The research component which focus mainly on the problems of national industry, acts as a conduit for the inflow of latest know-how because of the collaboration with universities and research organizations abroad. Hence, the program produces engineers and technologists who have the urge, the attitudes, and the skills to lead techno-industrial transformation of the country. The GIK Institute has undertaken an exciting venture in engineering education and research of the highest order and provided to its students facilities for professional training and growth for which studies at universities of advanced countries were considered indispensable. The Institute welcomes graduate students to participate in this venture by joining one of its graduate programs.

Postgraduate Courses

Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Horticulture Department
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Procurement Department
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Pro-Rector (A) Office
HR Department
Faculty of Electronic Engineering
Rector Office
Finance Department
Admissions and Examinations
Pro-Rector (Academic) Office
Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Student Affairs Office
GIKI Medical Centre
Central Library
Pro-Rector (Admin & Finance) Office

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