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Hanyang University was established in 1939 by Lyun-Joon Kim, who desired greatly for the advancement of the country through technology education. In 1948, it was the first private university that actually developed by the engineering department and in 1959, it expanded into different ranges. In addition, in 1979, Hanyang University built their second campus in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, one of the biggest industrial complexes in our country. As of 2011, Hanyang University has 2 campuses with students in all from both college and graduate school. It is also operating a hospital that has a large scale of having approximately 1,400 sickbeds. This in all shows how big the university is and what kind of important role it play in our country. After Hanyang University was established, for 72 years, it has been concentrating its effort in the education theory of fostering talented students by following the idea of trying to become a university that can be of help to the society through practical method of study. As a result, between the 70s and the 80s, Hanyang University was acknowledged for discharging excellent students who have contributed to the country's phenomenal change in both the industrial area and modern age. Hanyang University was very proud of starting out in the area engineering, but now it is even more proud of the reputation that it carries as it slowly expanded the education range to medical, humanities, social sciences, performing arts, and much more. Thus, through the program of fostering a global leader, all of this accomplishment continues even to this very day and it is being recognized as one of the biggest promising universities that can actually develop and make a difference. Hanyang University was built on the spirit of Love in Truth, and in Deed. Its purpose was to educate the students to understand what love is and how they can act upon it through hard work, honesty, politeness, and community service. It is not only about trying to improve only one's education, but by contributing to the local community and the country, a person will able to grow love for humanities in all. Hanyang University's technology patriotism of philosophy that serves as a background to the school's establishment is 'Practical Method of Study' which has been in succession in the education tradition for a very long time. For this reason and due to the society's demand, the school has developed and stabilized itself as a group culture that can rapidly satisfy the needs of the society through education and research. Consequently, it has been deemed to be the university that has contributed the most to our country's modern age and industrialism. Since Erica campus is very close to the industrial complex, it has taken advantage of that geographical attribute by opening up the biggest Center for Business Incubation as well as a Technopark. Moreover, it is trying to construct the biggest ERICA cluster in our country so that it can focus on placing corporations and government research centers within the campus. Currently, Hanyang University has tied its knot with 39 countries and 596 universities from all over the world and it is actively participating in diverse international collaboration. While exchanging professors and students from foreign universities so that they can used to different cultures and its education, at the same time, Hanyang University is trying to spread our prosecution of studies and science technology all over the world. It is believed that by investing in having many excellent exchanged students with our school, we can increase our global reputation. Hanyang University is allowing admission of exchanged students from leading universities all over the world and with the Hanyang International Scholarship policy; it is also inviting students by offering a full scholarship. - 1,500 students sent abroad yearly (Plans to send out 2,000 students abroad by the year 2011) - Invites 3,100 foreign students yearly (Plans to send invite 4,000 students by the year 2011) After the school was established in 1939, Hanyang University has discharged around 22,000 graduate students. This shows that the school has a network that is working in coordination. Furthermore, instead of trying to be of help to our society only, Hanyang University is trying to assist countries internationally and that is why they are trying to foster leaders who will be able to perform such operations with pride and dignity. The results of Hanyang global leaders are as follows. - The Powor of Hanyang 2010 : Total number of alumni : 247,500 2009 : 4th in number of CEOs of top 100 corporations in Korea 2009 : 4th in the number of successful bar exam candidats, patent attorneys, and CPA's 2009 : The total of 1,039 Hanyang graduates became lawyers. 2008 : 2nd in number of CEOs of KOSDAQ firms 2007 : 2nd in number of new executives of top 30 conglomerates in Korea 2007 : 3rd in number of high-ranking positions of the Korean judiciary 2007 : 4th in number of professionals in the Korean national database - Research Papers 204th globally in the number of SCI Journal publication (1,293 papers in 2007) 5th in Korea by number of SCI citations(1,929 citations, 2008) Funding 4th in Korea for the research budget (106.77 million USD in 2008) 152.28 million USD in 2009(rankings soon to be released by MEST) 2,351 total patent applications(584 applications, 226 registered in 2009 alone) 1st in technology transfers in Korea(172.64 million USD, 2009) "Broke through the 8.97 million USD mark in cumulative technology transfers (1st among domestic universities)(2006~2009)" Established the first university - affiliated technology holding company in Korea, ‘HYU Holdings’ - Evaluations Granted as the ‘Leading Institution in University Specialization’ by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, for 3 consecutive years Selected as the ‘Formula Grant Project for Enhanced Higher Education Capacity’ project by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, for 2 consecutive years (’08~’09) 3rd greatest supportive fund receiver in 2009 with 2.79 million USD Selected as a ‘World Class University (WCU) project’ by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (8 teams for ’08~’09) Leading Campus for the ERI Cluster in Korea: Erica Campus Only university chosen for the ERI University Center, supported by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in the Seoul metropolitan area Colleges in Seoul and Erica Campuses consistently named ‘Outstanding colleges’ by the Korean Council for University Education Acquired ‘Accreditation for Engineering Education’ by the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education in Korea (ABEEK) in 2009 Seoul Campus : 13 programs Erica Campus : 10 programs Acquired ‘Architectural Education Accreditation’ by the Korea Architectural Accrediting Board (KAAB) in 2008 First to acquire the ‘Business Education Accreditation’ in Korea in 2008 Selected as a ‘Humanities Korea Research Institute’ by the Korean Research Foundation(2 teams for ’07~’08) World University Rankings Ranked 6th among Korean universities according to The Times Higher Education Supplement (2008) Ranked 3rd among Korean universities by the École des Mines de Paris in the number of alumni CEOs in the world’s top 500 companies (89th in the world, 2007) “Very Competitive” rating by the MEST(2010) Ranked 3rd best private University in Korea by the England's “The Times World University Review,”(2009) Ranked 4th best private University in Korea by the England's “Shanghai Jiaotong University Assessment of Global Universities,”(2009) Ranked 3rd among Korean universities by the ÉEcole des Mines de Paris in the number of alumni CEOs in the world's top 500 companies(89th in the world, 2009)


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