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Hong Kong Baptist University Excellence Innovation Whole Person Education Imbued with the unique vision of Whole Person Education championed by its founding fathers, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) started life in 1956 as a post-secondary college grounded in a Christian heritage. Achieving University status in 1994, HKBU has gone from strength to strength, enjoying dynamic growth in both physical size and academic stature. The University views education as far more than simply equipping students with professional knowledge and abilities. HKBU is committed to delivering Whole Person Education that inculcates social, cultural, intellectual and sporting skills outside the classroom in addition to training the minds within. At present, HKBU offers an extensive portfolio of undergraduate, taught postgraduate, and research postgraduate programmes leading to MPhil or PhD degrees as well as associate degree programmes, all tailored to address the requirements of a society that places a high value on versatility and multiple skills. These programmes are offered through our Faculty of Arts, School of Business, School of Chinese Medicine, School of Communication, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Academy of Visual Arts, School of Continuing Education, and the Graduate School. The University places great emphasis on research. It is our belief that the creation of knowledge through research is a mission of paramount importance. By actively conducting research on a regular basis, faculty members not only set an example to their students but also help them develop into seekers of truth and knowledge with lifelong learning skills. Moreover, to give back to the society we serve, HKBU focuses on specialist areas of research which address the needs of the community. Meanwhile, HKBU is dedicated to fostering a congenial campus environment that inspires creativity and to formulating a wide variety of innovative programmes and projects that are unique to the local tertiary education scene. These initiatives enhance students' awareness and understanding of the arts, different cultures, and global economic, political and social developments. Vision 2020 With the inauguration of Professor Albert S.C. Chan as HKBU's President and Vice-Chancellor, the University announced last October a 10-year development plan entitled Vision 2020 with the goal of becoming the best regional provider of Whole Person Education by the year 2020. This will be achieved through three strategic focuses - Quality Teaching and Learning, Innovative Research, and Dedicated Service to the Community. To enhance quality teaching and learning, HKBU will maintain a comprehensive quality assurance mechanism that will ensure that programmes and courses are benchmarked to agreed standards. The University is also committed to adding high value to its students, and improving the attractiveness and agility of its programmes in order to recruit elite students. Professor Chan says: "To do so, the University will strengthen staff development, raise students' proficiency in English and Putonghua, increase student satisfaction in learning, and ensure that students who complete their studies at HKBU are equipped with the seven graduate attributes." On the research front, HKBU will further strengthen the research culture on campus to sharpen research performance. The University plans to establish a critical mass of research talent and to further promote interdisciplinary and theme-based research with focus on four broad areas - health, environment, contemporary China studies and cross-cultural studies. President Chan says: "To realise this strategic development, HKBU will establish an Institute of Creativity and an Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, which we hope will become the engines for generating new ideas and deep collaboration among colleagues in different disciplines." Led by world renowned scholars, the Institute of Creativity will be officially launched on 28 March 2011 with a series of forums and public lectures delivered by Nobel Laureates Professor Chen Ning Yang, Professor Torsten N. Wiesel, and Professor Dudley R. Herschbach. Giving back to the community through dedicated service is always in the minds and hearts of HKBU staff, students and alumni. The University will proactively contribute to the community through knowledge transfer and will also identify community needs that match with its strengths so as to increase its contribution to society. "The University is committed to establishing a first-rate Chinese medicine teaching hospital, which we believe will benefit many sectors of the local community. In addition, we will collaborate with the Government or major stakeholders on significant projects, in particular in the area of arts and culture. Scholars and experts at HKBU will continue to share their knowledge with and offer support to members of the community," says Professor Chan.
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