King Saud University Undergraduate

King Saud University is the premier university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is highly respected in Arab and Muslim countries. It is the oldest university in Saudi Arabia and has educated many members of the national business, political and academic elite, including the royal family. The university offers a broad range of undergraduate courses in the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities and professional studies. Tuition is completely free and generous scholarships are available for Saudi and international students. The medium of instruction in undergraduate programs is English for medicine and engineering and Arabic for other subjects. Applicants are required to pass an Arabic examination if they are from a non-Arabic speaking country. English language support at all levels is provided by the Languages Unit.

The university is located in a large modern state of the art campus and is equipped with the latest instructional technology. King Saud University has begun a massive program of investment and development that will enable it to achieve world-class status within a few years. It is already ranked first among Muslim countries on the Webometrics rankings and is confident of further international recognition of its achievements in the coming years.

Undergraduate Courses

A1.7 Department of Social Studies (College of Arts)
A3.1 Department of Accounting (College of Business Adminstration)
C1.13 Department of Pharmacology (College of Medicine)
B4.1 Department of Computer Science (College of computer and Information Sciences)
DB3.1 Department of Arabic language (College of Arts and Science in Wady Addwaser)
DC3.1 Department of Clinical Pharmacy (College of Pharmacy in AlKharj)
A2.6 Department of Physical Education (College of Education)
C1.6 Department of Family & Community Medicine (College of Medicine)
B2.4 Department of Chemistry(College of Science)
C5.1 Department of (College of Health Science)
A4. College of Law and Political Science
B3.4 Department of Animal Production (College of Food and Agricultural Sciences)
C4.5 Department of Health Rehabilitation Sciences (College of Applied Medical Sciences)
A7.5 Department of Biology (College of Teaching)
A. Humanities Colleges
C3.3 Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (College of Pharmacy)
A6.2 Department of Heritage Management and Tour Guidance (College of Tourism & Archaeology)
DB1. College of Science in AlKharj
B1.4 Department of Electrial Engineering (College of Engineering)
A2.7 Department of Psychology (College of Education)
DC3. College of Pharmacy in AlKharj
A4.6 Department of Public Law (College of Law & Political Science)
C1.17 Department of Surgery (College of Medicine)
B4.6 Department of Software Engineering (College of computer and Information Sciences)
DB5.1 Department of Computer Engineering (College of Computer Engineering and Sciences Alkharij)
A1.2 Department of English Language (College of Arts)
DC3.5 Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (College of Pharmacy in AlKharj)
A3.6 Department of Management Information Systems (College of Business Adminstration)
C1.10 Department of Orthopedics (College of Medicine)
B2.6 Department of Physicis and Astronomy (College of Science)
DB2.1 Department of Electrical Engineering (College of Engineering in alkharj
A2.3 Department of Educational Administration (College of Education)
C1.3 Department of Biochemistry (College of Medicine)
B3.8 Department of Soil Sciences (College of Food and Agricultural Sciences)
C6.2 Department of Community and Mental Health Nursing (College of Nursing)
E1.2 Department of Teacher training (Arabic Language Institute)
B1.5 Department of Industrial Engineering (college of Engineering)
B3.1 Department of Agricultural Economics
C4.2 Department of Clinical Lab. Sciences (College of Applied Medical Sciences)
A7.2 Department of Curricula & Methodology (College of Teaching)
DB5. College of Computer Engineering and Sciences Alkharij
DA1. College of Business Administration in Al-Kharj
DB5.4 Department of Software Engineering (College of Computer Engineering and Sciences Alkharij)
B3. College of Food and Agricultural Sciences
C5. College of Health Science
A5.1 Department of European Languages and Translation (College of Languages)
C2.4 Department of Prosthetic Dental Sciences (College of Dentistry)
A1.6 Department of History (College of Arts)
C1. College of Medicine
C1.14 Department of Psychology (College of Medicine)


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