National University of Sciences And Technology (NUST) Islamabad Undergraduate

NUST is one of the new generation of Pakistani Universities with a progressive and innovative outlook. The University is envisaged to grow as a modern centre of excellence for research and development in the fields of sciences and technology. The essence underlying the foundation of NUST revolves around spectral combination of engineering, information technology (IT), medical and management sciences with higher academic quality and spirit of excellence epitomizing its cherished objectives. NUST is committed to the provision of intellectual leadership and development of indigenous technology in the country and to emerge as a beacon of light for the country's scientific and technological progress and needs.

Undergraduate Courses

Dept of Materials Engineering - SCME
Dept of Dental Surgery - AM College
Dept of Avionics Engineering - CAE
Directorate of Publication and public relations
Department of Physics-CAMP
Directorate of Academics
Dept of Medicine and Basic Surgery - AM College
Department of Modeling and Simulation-RCMS
Dept of Geographical Information System -SCEE (IGIS)
Department of Information Security- MCS
Registration Directorate
Dept of Virology - NCVI
Directorate of Project Management
Department of Social Sciences-NBS
Dept of Manufacturing Engineering - SMME
International Collaboration and Human Resource Development Directorate
Dept of Electrical Engineering - CEME
Department of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System-School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dept of Civil Engineering (Water Resource Engineering and Management)-SCEE (NIT)
Institute of Manufacturing & Engineering - PNEC
Dept of Mechatronics Engineering - CEME
NUST Professional Development Centre
Department of Environmental Sciences-SCEE (IESE)
Directorate of Planning & Development
Dept of Information Technology - SEECS
Department of Electrical Engineering-MCS
Department of Mathematics-CAMP
Directorate of Research & Development
Dept of Virology & Immunology- NCVI
Marketing and Industrial Relations Organization
Department of Computing-SEECS
Knowledge Management Centre
Dept of Engineering Sciences- PNEC
Dept of Mechnical Engineering - CEME
Department of Civil Engineering-MCE
Department of Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering)- SCEE (NIT)
Dept of Computer Software Engineering - MCS
Dept of Electronics Engineering - SEECS
NUST Consulting
Dept of Management Sciences- NBS
Directorate of Management Information System
Department of Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering and Management)-SCEE (NIT)
Department of Computer Sciences-MCS
Dept of Civil Engineering - MCE
Department of Enviornmental Engineering-SCEE (IESE)
Directorate of Establishment/HR
Dept of Biotechnology - NCVI
Dept of Aerospace Engineering - CAE


World University Rankings 2014/15

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