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2,000 USD - 4,000 USD


2,000 USD - 4,000 USD

Radboud University is a student-oriented research university. Its teaching is geared to students as actively participating members of the academic community. Social interaction and international environment are distinctive objectives of Radboud University.  

The University educates people and does research that aims at changing one’s perspective. The University believes in creating an environment and atmosphere where everyone is free to work, interact and share. Especially sharing knowledge across the boundaries between disciplines results in new and surprising insights that lead to further scientific developments. Thus, Radboud University contributes explicitly and conscientiously to expanding the limits of knowledge in the interests of science and society as a whole.

Renowned for its green campus in the oldest city of the Netherlands, Radboud University enrols over 18,000 students in 107 study programmes, of which 2 Bachelor’s and 37 Master's taught in English. Also, there are good opportunities to do PhD research.

In the major international rankings, Radboud University holds the 177th place in the QS World Universities Ranking and position 140 in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking. In 2010, two professors connected to Radboud University won the Nobel Prize for Physics.

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