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Under the direction of one of Turkey's leading family-run foundations, the Sabancı Foundation, the Sabancı Group established Sabancı University in July 1994. More than fifty academicians from 22 different countries, students, and individuals from the private sector participated in the conference in August 1995. At the end of the conference, based on the knowledge and experience of the participants, the key philosophy of a "world university" emerged: "creating and developing together." This conference was followed by design committees which worked under the guidance of a "Student Tendency Survey" and other academic program design activities. The groundbreaking ceremony for the Sabancı University campus took place on July 31, 1997. The University began its first academic year on October 20, 1999. With these universal principles in mind, the Board of Trustees, faculty and administration of Sabancı University jointly take responsibility for assuring fullest protection of freedom of inquiry, thought, and expression. Sabancı University's commitment to academic freedom finds expression as follows: All members of the University community involved in the practice of dissemination of knowledge are entitled to freedom in the conduct of their teaching in the classroom, of their research on or off campus, and in the publication, discussion and interpretation of research results. The faculty and administration of Sabancı University are responsible for protecting the right of each member of Sabancı University to artistic expression or to freely expressing his or her personal scholarly opinion. The University does not attempt to influence or control the personal opinion or public expression of that opinion of any member of the University community. The University respects the expression of opinion and choice of association of members of the University community in their private, civic capacity. We will be an innovative institution responsive to the needs of all our constituents through a participatory, team-based culture. We will have an interdisciplinary educational infrastructure that will create and disseminate knowledge. Sabancı University aspires to become a global reference point for educational innovation.


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