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Fostering talented people who can play an active role in the 21st Century through education geared to identifying and solving problems Tokai University has 13 schools and 72 courses covering a wide range of academic fields of cultural, social and natural sciences together with its research institutes, and gives full play to its functions as a university for the promotion of educational and research activities. The founding spirit and objectives of Tokai University are to contribute to human society, to foster active talented people and to arouse interest in our earth and a sense of responsibility for the future of mankind. To this end, Tokai University provides its educational guidelines to give a sound and reliable way of thinking as a basis for living and cultivating the richness of humanity. The core of such education at Tokai University is the "Lecture on Modern Civilization." Since its establishment, Tokai University has put emphasis on this lecture in the belief that a university should not only provide knowledge and technology, but also be a place where the richness of humanity and creativity in each individual is cultivated. To be more specific, our students, whether majoring in cultural, social or natural sciences, are provided with the "Lecture on Modern Civilization" as their key subject so that they can cultivate their view of the world and their view of history from a broader perspective before they proceed to their specialized fields. At present, many people have many different values in an information-oriented and internationalized society. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a close eye on the changing times, if we are to grasp what society really is and if we are to make an appropriate judgment. To cope well with such a situation, it is essential to provide an educational environment where students can learn various academic fields beyond the limits of their specialized ones. Given this situation, our university in 1993 began offering educational courses based on a new curriculum whereby students can enhance their learning and cultivate their ability to identify and solve problems. In order to make the results of this new system more successful, Tokai University also introduced a semester system in 1997 and offered courses throughout a single school term rather than an entire school year. The goal of these changes was to enliven educational activities because students choose their own educational courses from a wider range of academic fields than before. Providing educational and research activities in support of a society where human beings can live together in harmony with nature Tokai University also carries out interdisciplinary research activities by closely cooperating with its other 2 universities, 3 junior colleges, 18 research institutes and 3 research centers. The aim of this cooperation is to challenge individuals to deal with various issues facing mankind, such as resources, energy, information technology, medical care, welfare, peace and security. As a part of these research activities, Tokai University holds many international seminars and symposiums in collaboration with foreign universities and research institutes. Tokai University supports international exchange and cooperation through the promotion of cultural, academic and sports exchanges. Our university has also concluded academic exchange agreements with 20 universities and research institutes in 12 countries for the exchange of students and research personnel. Foreign students studying in our institutions number more than three hundred a year. Tokai University also has aimed to be a university open to the local community and has endeavored to promote friendly relationships with the community. For example, our educational institutions located in Shonan, Yoyogi, Numazu, Shimizu and Isehara participate positively in local activities such as city planning, social education and lifelong education in an effort to provide the local community with the results of our educational and research activities. In this way, Tokai University aims at being "dynamic university" characterized by its diversified and comprehensive educational system while giving full play to all of its educational and research activities as a university.


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