Universidad de Concepción Undergraduate

Founded in 1919 in the coastal city of Concepción, in Southern Chile’s Bío Bío Region, the Universidad de Concepción has long been one of the nation’s leading higher education institutions, making significant contributions to the country’s scientific and cultural development. The Universidad de Concepción offers a full range of study programs, in subject areas ranging from the humanities to the basic and applied sciences, furnishing a solid foundation for undergraduate and graduate teaching degrees, and for research. Through its more than 700 teaching and research laboratories, the university strives to contribute not only to the advancement of education, but also of the nation. In this attractive natural environment, students experience strong, steady growth as they prepare for their professional careers. Through its schools at three campuses, and other units, the university develops research projects on the same level as those encountered at the world’s most renowned leading universities. In today’s globalized world, no higher educational institution can exist as an island. Each year, the university receives numerous professors and lecturers from around the world, who exchange their experiences with the faculty, and share their knowledge and expertise. Many foreign students enroll in the university, especially in its Master’s and Doctoral programs. The Universidad de Concepción is a celebrated competitor in the nation’s university and professional sports circuits. And organizes and hosts major fine arts and cultural events, has a highly acclaimed symphonic orchestra, and features an unrivaled permanent collection of paintings by the nation’s preeminent artists. This venerated university, proud of its longstanding tradition, remains fully committed to serving and contributing to the development of the nation. Universidad de Concepción since 1919 contributes to the advancement of education, science and culture.” ______________________________________________________________________________________________


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