Universiti Teknologi Petronas (Petronas) Undergraduate

University Profile Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) was established on January 10, 1997 when PETRONAS was invited by the Malaysian government to set up a university. The campus is built on a 400 hectare (1,000 acre) site strategically located at Bandar Seri Iskandar, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia. The university is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PETRONAS, the national oil company of Malaysia. UTP offers a wide range of engineering and technology programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels complemented with a strong focus on Research and Development. The programmes are designed with high industry relevance to provide a dynamic learning environment. The University community comprises of students and staff from various countries and is located in a beautifully landscaped setting, amidst the new township of Seri Iskandar. Its peaceful environment, wide open spaces and abundant lakes make these serene surroundings an ideal place to study. Vision A Leader in Technology Education and Centre for Creativity and Innovation. Mission UTP is an institute of higher learning. We provide opportunities for the pursuit of knowledge and expertise for the advancement of engineering, science and technology to enhance the nations competitiveness. Our objective is to produce well-rounded graduates who are creative and innovative with the potential to become leaders of industry and the nation. Our aim is to nurture creativity and innovativeness and expand the frontiers of technology and education for the betterment of society. Academic Philosophy Academic programmes are geared to the development of technical competencies balanced with an understanding of, and an ability to communicate with, the world within which these competencies will be applied. Management and Humanities The management and humanities courses are aimed at producing well-rounded graduates who will possess not only the latest competencies in Engineering, Science and Technology, but also other qualities such as strong leadership, good behavioural and communication skills, analytical thinking ability, as well as managerial, business and social competencies. Co-Curricular Requirements The co-curricular programme is compulsory for all students. This is to inculcate diverse interests and develop students’ potential to complement their academic attainment. The various co-curricular programmes available in UTP are: Arts and Cultural • Gamelan • Modern Music (Pop and Jazz) • Performing Arts (Dance) • Performing Arts (Drama and Theatre) Sports • Sports Science (pre-requisite for all sports courses) • Silat Olahraga • Taekwando • Soccer • Hockey • Tennis • Ping Pong • Rugby • Netball • Sepak Takraw • Volleyball • Basketball • Badminton General • Amalan Asas Islam • Peer Counselling • Recreation and Adventure • St. John Ambulance Academic Advisors Each student will be assigned to an Academic Advisor from whom he/she may seek advice on academic matters. Students Industrial Internship Programme In order to ensure that graduates will be able to meet employers' expectations, students are required to undergo industrial internship for 8 months before entering into the final year at UTP. The Industrial Internship Programme will allow employers to play an active role in developing the expertise required by industry. The objectives of this programme are: • To enable students to integrate theory with practice • To introduce students to work culture and industrial practices • To provide opportunity for students to work with industrial practitioners • To expose students to potential employers Partners in Learning Amongst the companies and organisations that have participated in the University's Industrial Internship Programme are: To provide opportunity for students to work with industrial practitioners • Asean Bintulu Fertilize • BASF PETRONAS Chemical Sdn Bhd • Borneo Samudera • Celcom (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd • Celistica Malaysia Sdn Bhd • CM Net Dot Com Sdn Bhd • Commerce dotCom Sdn Bhd • Compaq Computer Corporation Sdn Bhd • Department of Chemical Engineering, Monash University, Australia • Dynamic Business Ventures (M) Sdn Bhd • Eastman Chemical (M) Sdn Bhd • Edaran Communication • e-karangkraf.Com Sdn Bhd • Elcorp Technology Sdn Bhd • Enersave Air Sdn Bhd • Ethylene/Polyethylene Malaysia Sdn Bhd • Federal Auto Cars Sdn Bhd (Johor) • Gas District Cooling (M) Sdn Bhd • Gashworld Sdn Bhd • Geo Info Services Sdn Bhd • Global Leadership & Learning, Penang • Seagate Industries (M) Sdn Bhd • Global Plus Solutions Sdn Bhd • Green House Solution Sdn Bhd • Group IT, Malaysian Airline System Computer Centre • Hitachi Electronic Products (M) Sdn Bhd • HiTech Padu Berhad • IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd • IBS Technology Sdn Bhd • Idemitsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd • Idwal Systems Sdn Bhd • IGD Hitech Corporation Sdn Bhd • Intel Technology Sdn Bhd • Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd • Karyanet MSc Sdn Bhd • Kolej Kejururawatan Melaka • KOMAG USA (M) Sdn Bhd • Kulim Technology Management Sdn Bhd • Majlis Perbandaran Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah • Malaysia International Shipping Corporation • Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd • Malaysia Automotive Lighting Sdn Bhd • Malaysian Franchise Association • Malaysia Maritime Academy (ALAM) • Malaysian Automative Lighting Sdn Bhd • Malaysian Franchise Association • Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM) • Malaysian Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd • Marconi (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd • Mesiniaga Berhad • Mimos Berhad (Mimos Consulting Group) • Motorola Malaysia Sdn Bhd • MTBE/Polypropylene Malaysia Sdn Bhd • OGP Technical Services Sdn Bhd • OGP Technical Services Sdn Bhd (Terengganu) • On Semiconductor SCG Industries (M) Sdn Bhd • Oracle Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd • Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Perak Darul Ridzuan • Pelorus Intelligence & Technology Academy • Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Berhad • PETLIN (M) Sdn Bhd • PETRONAS Group of Companies • Pintar Media Sdn Bhd • Powertron Resources Sdn Bhd • Prestigious Discovery Sdn Bhd • PricewaterhouseCoopers • Projek Usahasama Transit Ringan Automatik Sdn Bhd • Proton City Development Corporation Sdn Bhd • Robert Bosch Malaysia Sdn Bhd • Sapura Advanced System Sdn Bhd • Sapura Technologies Sdn Bhd • Sarawak Information System Sdn Bhd • School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia • Serambi Saujana (M) Sdn Bhd • Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd • Silverstone Berhad • Sime Sembcorp Engineering Sdn Bhd • Sony Technology (M) Sdn Bhd • SSM Advanced Tech. Sdn Bhd • ST DotCom Sdn Bhd • System Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd • System Network Integration Sdn Bhd • Teknik Janakuasa Sdn Bhd • Telekom Malaysia Berhad • The Nature Conservancy, San Antonio, United States • The University of Hull, United Kingdom • Tiara Communication Technology Sdn Bhd • Time Dragon Sdn Bhd • TNB Distribution Sdn Bhd • Top IT Industry Sdn Bhd • Top Optics Sdn Bhd • United Multimedia Sdn Bhd • Universiti Tun Abdul Razak • And many others
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