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The Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) campus is situated in Sintok, 48 km to the north of Alor Star and 10 km to the east of Changlun, a small town situated along the North-South Highway. The 1,061 hectare campus, which was originally a tin mining area, is surrounded by beautiful scenery, lush tropical forests and mountains. In addition, two rivers flow inside the campus, the Sintok and Badak rivers, creating a most pleasant and serene environment. UUM has one of the most beautiful and modern campuses in the northern region. The RM580 million campus started its operations on 15 September 1990 and officially declared open by His Royal Highness the Royal Chancellor of UUM on 17 February 2004. The main buildings, the Sultanah Bahiyah Library, the Sultan Badlishah Mosque, the Muadzam Shah Hall, the Tan Sri Othman Hall, the Sports Complex, the University Mall, the Students Residential Halls and the University Inn. UUM ensures accommodation for all its students. To cater to the housing needs of its ever growing student population, UUM has 15 student residential halls that can accommodate approximately 20,000 students. The residential halls are named mostly after national corporations and conglomerates such as MAS, TENAGA NATIONAL, TRADEWINDS, PETRONAS, EON, MISC, SIME DARBY, PERWAJA, TM, PROTON, MAYBANK, YAYASAN ALBUKHARY, BANK MUAMALAT, BANK RAKYAT and BUKIT KACHI 2. UUM is one of the very few IPTAs that offer full accommodations to its students throughout the duration of their academic studies at the University. In additions, the University also provided 600 units of various types of housing for its staff. The Campus is also open to the public, visitors and tourists who want to use its many facilities. The University offers visitors the experience of on campus accommodation there is the University Inn, and the residential halls can be rented during the semester holidays. The latest place to stay is the Executive Department Centre (EDC) which is located near the Universitys main entrance. The University has also developed 107 hectares of its reserved forests to attract more tourists to come to the northern region by providing facilities such as a 9-hole golf course, a go-kart circuit an equestrian centre, camping sites, an archery range and a deer park. About 18km from the campus lies the small town of Bukit Kayu Hitam. It marks the border between Malaysia and Thailand, and is famous for its duty free shops and good bargains. Besides easy accessibility via the North-South Highway, the Campus can be reached via air or train. The Sultan Abdul Halim Airport, Alor Star is about a 40 minute drive to the University, and the nearest railway station in Arau, Perlis, is just a 30 minute drive. To be in UUM is to experience a treasure trove of memories to last a lifetime! In January 2008, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) witnessed a major and historic restructuring exercise. A total of 13 faculties were streamlined and restructured to become three main colleges, namely the UUM Colleges of Arts and Sciences (UUM CAS), the UUM College of Business (UUM COB), and the UUM College of Law, Government and International Studies (UUM COLGIS). The consolidation of human capital and physical resources inter alia is aimed at providing a strong organizational structured with students, and thrust UUM into the global arena as a major player in tertiary education. Undoubtedly, universities should be universal in a scope as knowledge transcends national boundaries. The re-structuring agenda is in line with the aspirations expressed by the Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the Minister of Higher Education. The urgent need to increase the number of postgraduate students up to 100,000 enrollments in our tertiary institutions by the year 2010 is formally stipulated in the National Higher Education Strategic Plan 2007-2010. With the new strength of 500 lecturers in the field of Business, 120 academics in Law, Government and International Studies and 550 in Arts and Sciences, and with each college having more autonomy over its decisions and policies. UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES COLLEGE OF BUSINESS (COB) :: * Bachelor of Accounting with Honours - [B.Acct. (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Accounting (Information Systems) with Honours - [B.Acct. (IS) (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Banking with Honours - [BBank(Hons.)] * Bachelor of Finance with Honours - [BFin (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Islamic Finance and Banking with Honours - [BIFB (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Risk Management and Insurance with Honours - (BRMI (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours - [BBA (Hons.)]) * Bachelor of Business Administration (Logistics & Transportation) with Honours - [BBA (Log. & Tpt.) (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Muamalat Administration with Honours -[BMA (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Entrepreneurship with Honours - [B. Ent (Hons.)] * Bachelor of International Business Management with Honours - [BIBM (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Marketing with Honours - [B. Mktg. (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Operations Management with Honours - [B. Oper. Mgt. (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Technology Management with Honours - [B. Tech. Mgt. (Hons.)] COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES (CAS) :: * Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours - [BIT (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Multimedia with Honours - [BMM (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Decision Science with Honours - [B. Dec. Sc. (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Education (Accounting) with Honours - [B. Ed. (Acct) (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Education (Business Administration) with Honours - [B. Ed. (BA) (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Education (Information Technology) with Honours - [B. Ed. (IT)(Hons.)] * Bachelor of Education (Moral Education) with Honours - [B. Ed. (Moral Education) (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Education (Guidance & Councelling) with Honours - [B. Ed. (Guidance & Councelling) (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Education (TEYL) with Honours - [B. Ed. (TEYL) (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Communication with Honours - [B.Comm (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Media Technology with Honours - [B. Media Tech. (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Industrial Statistic with Honours - [B. Ind. Stat. (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Business Mathematics with Honours - [B. Bus. Math. (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Hospitality Management with Honours - (BHM (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours - [BTM (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Counseling with Honours - [B. Couns. (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Social Work Management with Honours - [BSWM (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Economics with Honours - [BEc (Hons)] * Bachelor of Human Resource Management with Honours - [BHRM (Hons.)] * Special Teacher Certification Programme (PKPG) COLLEGE OF LAW, GOVERNMENT AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES (COLGIS) :: * Bachelor of Law with Honours - [LLB (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Public Management with Honours - [BPM (Hons.)] * Bachelor of Development Management with Honours - [BDM (Hons.)] * Bachelor of International Affairs Management with Honours - [BIAM (Hons.)]
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