University of Balochistan Postgraduate

THE UNIVERSITY Balochistan occupies a position of great geo-strategic importance, bordered by Afghanistan on the North and on the South by the Arabian Sea. A cluster of languages, remarkable marriage of tribal and semi-tribal society enriched with colorful cultural and traditional heritage. Balochistan enjoy the big chunk of Pakistan's area, the longest coastline and the least population. With the dawn of the modem era the world became science conscious and the art was called the heart of learning. States-listened to the call of time and started their endeavors to educate their youth to meet the challenges. The youth of Pakistan also found it indispensable to be educated and mainly to know themselves and around. This desire led to the establishment of many universities in Pakistan. Exactly 33 years before University of Balochistan was also establish to fulfill the desire of knowledge of people in the province. VISION To be a model public University providing affordable quality, higher education opportunities to develop the potentially rich human resource in Balochistan through knowledge-centered teaching and research while maintaining and fostering a high levels of ethical and professional standards and promoting national identity. MISSION Functioning as a studentsâ??-centric institution dedicated to academic excellence, tolerance and fairness. Maintaining and fostering highest ethical and professional values while teaching students to seek knowledge analytically, be creative, communicate effectively and become technologically literate to meet the emerging needs of our society within the global village. Ensuring and supporting faculty and staff to continue their professional and intellectual development. Core Values Integrity Creativity Team Work Excellence Responsibility (to all Stakeholders). Objectives. - To impart quality education. - Enhancing learning environment by conducting research. - To afford opportunities for the exercise of creative and intellectual Activities. Now as a university of over 33 years standing, around 6000 students and one campus, we offer more to our students than ever before with 35 different fields of studies and 5 faculties. The university offers post graduate, doctoral and advance programs of studies in Science, Arts, Humanities, Computer Sciences and other professional disciplines like Law and Medicine. Besides that, university faculty and students organize and conduct extension and community services for the well being of the people, provide leadership in all works of life. In Balochistan the University of Balochistan has been the prime institution and every year number of students has been increasing, to our mind the primary role of an educational institution does not end with imparting post- graduate academic learning. It must include the development of a sounded personality with an un-avoiding quest for knowledge. One way of accomplishing this task is by providing productive channels and exposure opportunities and activities. This also can be done by the committed leadership, competent and devoted staff and progressive improvement in curriculum and teaching methodologies. Our lives are viewed as living in systems- technological and social. In the course of lifetime, we move from system to system as the years go by. These systems interact, influence and modify each other and affect the behavior of individuals living and working within. We are aware of the fact that the information explosion, spread of education and remarkable advancement in communication techniques in modem times demand mature and better frame minds.

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