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University of Dundee

University College, Dundee (as it then was) was founded in 1881 with the forward looking mission of "promoting the education of persons of both sexes". The University of Dundee, became an independent university in 1967 after a 70 year relationship with the University of St Andrews -now a key partner. The University doubled in size over recent years to 19,000 students and over 3,000 staff. The University is organised in four colleges: Life Sciences; Arts and Social Sciences; Art, Science and Engineering and Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing. There are three core campuses: the City Centre, the Ninewells Medical School a couple of miles away at one of Europe's largest teaching hospitals, and the Fife Campus at Kirkcaldy - 30 miles away - which is home to some of the Nursing and Midwifery students. Dundee is a university with a distinct dimension - not ancient, not new but with the best of both worlds and the worst of neither. Quality of life and an enviable cost of living - plenty of personal space, a friendly atmosphere, easy escape routes to the hills and the sea, and costs to suit shallow pockets. Five minutes walk will take you to the city shops, theatres, galleries, the highly successful Dundee Contemporary Arts centre which houses the University's Visual Research Centre, and a variety of pubs and restaurants. On the other hand you may prefer to spend free time on campus visiting the swimming pool, sports centre, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, language classes... The University of Dundee has earned a fantastic reputation. It has performed extremely well in both teaching and research assessment exercises, has spawned a range of spin-out companies to share its research and has a hugely successful and copied university access programme to nurture talent wherever it finds it. Dundee is one of the four major cities of Scotland having been granted city status over 800 years ago. Dundee and its people have a long history of invention and innovation: the first telephone service in the world outside London; the first street lights were developed in Dundee; the postage stamp; the submarine telephone cable; and the hole-in-the-wall cash dispenser. The city itself claims to be "Scotland's univerCity" - with more students per head of population than anywhere else.
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