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University of Kansas Undergraduate

The University of Kansas is a major public comprehensive research and teaching university. KU offers the highest-quality academic programs (141 bachelor, 129 masters, and 101 doctorate and professional degree programs.) The academic programs are supported by 12 libraries and several museums, including art and natural history. Top ranked programs in public administration, special education, occupational therapy, paleontology, clinical child psychology, audiology, physical therapy, and medicine provide outstanding undergraduate and graduate academic opportunities. Excellent programs in law, pharmacy, and other fields prepare students for professional careers. The student population is 18% minority and comes from all 50 US states and about 100 countries. The university provides a full range of student services, on-campus housing, and many part-time employment opportunities. There are endless opportunities at the University of Kansas, costs are reasonable, and a degree from the University is valued all over the world.


World University Rankings 2014/15
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