University of Luxembourg Undergraduate - 90 nationalities. Three languages. One university. The University of Luxembourg, short, is more than just another university among many. The concept that builds on is in many points unique and certainly does justice to the small country located between Belgium, France and Germany. The University has positioned itself as a multilingual, internationally focused research oriented institution, offering students an extraordinary environment. Research and education meet the highest international standards and courses are taught in three languages: English, German and French. Founded in 2003, has focused on the Bologna system from the beginning and implemented a well balanced offer of Bachelor and Master programmes in all fields of studies. The Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication offers Bachelors in the domains of engineering, informatics and life sciences as well as Masters in informatics, systems biology, engineering, mathematics and sustainable development. The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance concentrates on Bachelor programmes on economic sciences, law and business informatics. The Masters focus on banking and finance, European law, entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as data security management. The Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education offers Bachelors in educational and social sciences, psychology and European cultures. The Master programmes range from philosophy, psychology, European history, mediation and gerontology to cross-border communication and cooperation, European spatial development as well as educational sciences in a multilingual context and Luxembourg Studies. Extensive training offer: Partnerships all around the globe Only six years after the university's foundation, there are now eleven Bachelor and 20 Master programmes on offer, with a possibility to carry on with a PhD in many disciplines. Whether English/German, English/French or German/French, many programmes are taught in two languages, some even in three. Moreover, the university also offers several Masters taught entirely in English. Furthermore, worldwide partnerships and exchange programmes are on top of’s agenda. Whoever completes a Bachelor in Luxembourg will not get around mobility: each graduate has to spend at least one semester abroad. Interchange agreements already exist with universities in 22 countries. At the same time the university is a real multicultural melting pot: 4500 students from 90 countries and professors originating from 20 different countries make currently a "proportion of foreigners" of 50 per cent. International flair also beyond the campus Luxembourg is a very international country. The city accommodates numerous European Institutions, among others the European Court of Justice and the European Investment Bank, and is one of the leading financial centres worldwide. Students benefit from this situation in many ways: practitioners from various domains complete the theoretical study offer and make a university which meets the requirements of our time. The combination of theory and practice particularly shows on the basis of research units, active in many academic areas, as for example the recently established Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), which dedicates itself to IT-security, and the Centre for Systems Biology (CSBL). Research currently focuses on seven future-oriented areas which are security and reliability of information technology, life sciences, material science, European and business law, international finance, educational science and Luxembourg studies. A personal touch and social responsibility One of the many advantages appreciated by students is the personal atmosphere. It is easy to have the overlook over the university; everyone knows everyone else on campus and the professors are easy to reach. Many courses take place in form of seminars, which encourages the active participation of students; Bachelor students are guided in tutorials. It is thus hardly surprising that most of the students do feel quite comfortable in Luxembourg and that they see as their multilingual university, as the slogan says of the institution. This well-being effect and the simultaneous excellence of teaching will be improved in the coming years, thanks to the clear acknowledgment of sustainable development. The university is member of the International Sustainable Campus Network, which aims at the improvement of teaching methods and university infrastructures. Considering all this, one can be sure that those six first years of the University of Luxembourg are only the beginning of a long success story.
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