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< 2,000 USD


< 2,000 USD

University of Naples Federico II offers 141 courses in 13 teaching areas (Agriculture, Architecture, Economics, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnological Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, Political Sciences, Sociology, Humanities). So, it offers courses in every existing academic discipline, which lead to 155 graduate level degrees. Research facilities provide support for all these courses. Students have the chance both to pursue intellectual development and to acquire professional skills.

For academic year 2016/2017, many Departments have launched calls to offer scholarships to foreign students who want to study at Federico II. Fellows receive a scholarship of 3.000,00 euros per semester (taxes are not included), that means 6.000,00 euros per academic year, to partially cover their stay in Naples. Moreover, for all the foreign students there will be a partial registration fee waiver.

For further information about scholarships, please visit Federico II Departments websites. 

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