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Study in Egypt

There are many reasons to study in Egypt, including well-respected universities, low living costs and the chance to immerse yourself in the country's unique fusion of African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures.

The Egyptian capital of Cairo has previously been ranked in the QS Best Student Cities (in 2012) and continues to hold the title of the only African city to be featured. So what makes Egypt such a great place to be a student? Click the tabs below for more information.

Fast Facts

  • Cairo is the capital and largest city
  • Currency is Egyptian pound (100 piastres in a pound)
  • Main exports are petroleum products and cotton
  • International dialling code is +20 and internet domain is .eg
  • Area of 1 million sq km (more than four times the size of the UK)
  • Borders with Sudan, Libya and Israel
  • Coasts along the Mediterranean Sea to the north and Red Sea to the east
  • Official language is Modern Standard Arabic, but English and French are also widely spoken
  • Weekend is taken on Friday and Saturday
  • Cairo was the first African city to have a metro (underground train) system
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