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London’s Multicultural Highlights main image

Find out what fascinating multicultural sights there are to explore in London, the number one student city in the QS Best Student Cities index.

Best Study Spots in London main image

Looking for a change of scene to study in in London? Get a rundown of the best study spaces in the city.

Best Cheap Eats for Students in London main image

It might be one of the most expensive cities, but it’s still possible to eat out in London on a budget! Get a run through of the best cheap eats in the UK capital.

10 Photo That Prove Why London's The Number One Student City  main image

Check out these 10 photos that show why London took the top place in the QS Best Student Cities 2019.

Cheap Things to Do in London This Summer main image

Want to explore London this summer but feeling a bit strapped for cash? Read our list of low-cost options.

London main image

Once again, London has been ranked one of the world's best student cities. Find out where the UK capital is placed in the QS Best Student Cities 2019.

9 of the Best Student Bars in London main image

Discover a selection of some student-budget-friendly bars to enjoy in the UK capital.

Top 10 Free Things to do in London main image
by Chelsea D.

Whether you're studying in London or just visiting, here are some fantastic things you can do which won't cost you a penny.