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Why Holding a Vigil for Big Ben is Ridiculous main image

In case you didn’t already think things were crazy, we’re now holding vigils for clocks in the UK.

UK Students Celebrate Increase in Top A-Level Marks main image

Over a quarter of all A-level grades were either A or A*, an increase on last year.

Top UK Universities Missing from National Student Survey as Satisfaction Levels Fall main image

Manchester, Sheffield, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Bristol all declined to take part in this year’s survey, to protest rising tuition fees.

Which Ivy League University Has the Most In-Demand Graduates? main image

Find out which Ivy League students are receiving the most call-backs from graduate employers.

These Tweets Prove Disappointing Exam Results Shouldn’t Get You Down main image

The #NoWrongPath campaign, launched to coincide with Scottish exam results day, proves undesirable exam results aren’t the end of the world.  

One in 10 Female Students in Australia Have Been Sexually Assaulted main image

A landmark survey of Australian students has revealed an astonishingly high number of young women have been sexually assaulted.

86-year-old Grandmother Becomes Oldest Ever Graduate from University of Bristol main image

Peggy Styles overcame a serious kidney infection to finish her studies and graduate with a doctorate in education.

Oxford University Exploited in Fake Awards Scam main image

Eastern European businessmen use the name of the prestigious university to make millions of pounds selling made-up awards.