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The Shocking Ways Some UK Students are Making Money  main image

As more UK students are facing financial difficulties, a fair percentage are even turning to clinical trials, adultwork and gambling to make money. Find out more.

Beyoncé Offering US Scholarships Worth $100,000 main image

Music icon Beyoncé is offering scholarships worth thousands of dollars to students attending Historically Black Colleges – find out more.

Over One-Third of US Students Don’t Have Enough to Eat main image

A study has found that 36 percent of university students frequently lack adequate food and housing.

UK Students to Save Over £300 a Year on Loan Repayments main image

UK students can now earn more before repaying student loans as the threshold rises. Find out what else this means for you.

UK Tuition Fees Could Be Reduced to £7,500 a Year main image

It’s emerged that Chancellor Philip Hammond is considering cuts to tuition fees. Find out more.

Comparing World University Rankings: THE, QS and Shanghai main image

A closer look at the differences between this year’s biggest world university rankings.

University of Oxford Tops the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018 main image

The UK institution retains its place at the top of the Times Higher Education ranking for a second consecutive year.

Why Holding a Vigil for Big Ben is Ridiculous main image

In case you didn’t already think things were crazy, we’re now holding vigils for clocks in the UK.