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10 Beautiful Images of Latin America from Instagram

10 Beautiful Images of Latin America from Instagram main image

The Latin American region has always inspired adventurers and explorers. Even now, modern-day travel writers and photographers journey across and through the region – now with the aid of Instagram to share their most beautiful images.

Following the launch of this year’s QS University Ranking: Latin America, we’ve selected 10 Instagram pictures from various talented users, to show off the beauty and diversity of the region.

1. Bolivia


Everyday Latin America gathers pictures taken by photographers living or travelling in the region. The result is an online gallery of beautiful images, both landscapes and portraits, of the continent. This stunning picture is from Federico Pardo, and shows two “cholitas” going for a stroll during the celebrations of Lloco Lloco in the highway between La Paz and Tiwanaku. Cholitas are Bolivian women distinguishable by their high hats, who are known to fight in wrestling rings. Do not mess with them!

2. Venezuela


Award-winning photographer Alejandro Cegarra loves to share pictures of his hometown Caracas. The photography prodigy posted this mesmerizing snap of Caracas’ subway, and his Instagram account provides an open window to the life of the city’s residents. Cegarra works primarily in black and white, and doesn’t shy away from documenting the darker side of the Venezuelan capital.

3. Ecuador


Photographer Edouardo Leal took this picture of Mompiche, a small fishing village on the coast of Ecuador.  The spot is a magnet for backpackers and surfers who want to enjoy the coast on a budget. Hotels are cheap and the village is satisfyingly secluded, for those seeking an “off the beaten path” experience. More pictures of Mompiche can be found on Leal’s account, as well as shots from various countries this avid globetrotter has visited!

4. ArgentinaBrazil


Niagara Falls? No! Think bigger! This is a shot of the Iguazu Falls. Like their North American counterpart (which spans the US/Canadian border), the Iguazu Falls are located right on the border of Argentina and Brazil. The river of the same name runs its course in the middle. Legend says it originated when a deity sliced the Earth, in a fit of rage when its bride wanted to run off with her mortal lover.

5. Uruguay


What a beautiful shot of Montevideo's coast! The capital of Uruguay is captured here by local Lucas Pacella at sunset. Did you know that Montevideo is rated as having the highest quality of life in the South American continent?  Many praise the city for how progressive it is compared to more conservative capitals across the region. And since Uruguay is so small, half of its population is found right here in Montevideo.

6. Brazil


Popular Instagrammer and Rio local Anna Leti Cohen took this photo of Casa Franklin in Rio de Janeiro. Ipanema beach and the statue of Christ the Redeemer would probably be the first things a tourist would photograph, so it’s a nice change to see what the Cariocas experience every day. Other architectural wonders in Rio include the Boticario Square, Parque Lage and the Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading.

7. Chile


Have you ever dreamed of boarding a VW van and leaving everything behind? This is what one family from California did in 2012. They took this shot of the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia two months ago and are currently in Peru. Their Instagram account is full of their family pictures from across the region. Also, their van is awesome and has become the fifth member of the family. Check out their blog to get really inspired.

8. Peru


In the small Peruvian town of Maras, near Cuzco, the salt evaporation ponds have been used since the Mayas’ time. The ponds are owned by families in the region who harvest the salt and sell it. They’re located on a mountain and when you get to the top, you can admire the view of the 5,000 flats. Markets around the area sell the salt, as well as other derived products, at a cheaper price than in the big cities nearby.

9. Argentina


Travel writer and photograph Dave McClane took this shot of Glacier Perito Moreno in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. The National Park is located in the Argentinian part of Patagonia. He writes in the caption that he was lucky enough to be present when a big chunk of the ice broke in front of him. And despite that, the glacier is actually growing – a fact that still leaves scientists baffled. Daily tours are offered from the visitor center in El Calafate.

10. Ecuador


Let’s finish our tour of beautiful images of Latin America with this view of the volcano Cotopaxi. Taken by directory of photography, John Garcia, it is not short on superlatives. The volcano ranks among the most famous, most active and highest in the world. It also has the particularity of being covered in snow, and hasn’t erupted in 70 years. So you too can visit this part of the Andes and capture your own unique view!

Got your own beautiful images of Latin America? We’d love to see them! Post us a link in the comments below.

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