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10 Reasons NOT to Study in Russia

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We’ve already looked at how truly terrible Australia and Canada are as study destinations, but wait till you get a look at Russia. It’s the largest country in the world, yet somehow manages to offer absolutely nothing interesting for international students. Read on to see for yourself how bad it is…

1. Firstly, it's unbearably cold. I’m not even sure they’ve ever heard of summer to be honest

Curonian Spit National Park in the Kaliningrad Oblast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

And I mean cold. It may be the world’s biggest country, but I doubt there are any nice beaches.

2. Russian people are as cold as the weather

Meeting at HSE University

Me meeting with Nadia Khort and Alina Ageeva from National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE University) in Moscow, ranked joint 322nd in the QS World University Rankings® 2020.

3. Watch out for the local wildlife – there are bears at every corner!

Truly terrifying. Stay safe, guys.

4. Siberia is a total wasteland with nothing interesting to see, so don’t waste your time.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Novosibirsk

5. Want to try delicious new foods while you study in Russia? Forget it

Pelmeni (dumplings)

Russian Dessert

Same with dessert. Eugh.

6. St Petersburg isn’t worth visiting, there’s nothing particularly interesting there

The State Hermitage Museum, the second-largest art museum in the world after the Louvre in Paris

7. The university buildings are nothing to write home about either

The main building of Lomonosov Moscow State University, ranked 84th in the world

8. The metro stations are also extremely ugly, especially in Moscow

Arbatskaya Metro Station, Moscow

9. The technology is stuck in the past

Mining University

An admissions-helper robot at Saint-Petersburg Mining University, ranked joint 19th in the world for mineral and mining engineering.

10. And finally, there’s practically no culture whatsoever to enjoy while you study in Russia.

Swan Lake at Stanislavsky Music Theatre, Moscow

So, to summarize, I wouldn’t go near Russia if I were you – I went there recently and it was AWFUL.

Moscow State University

Me at the top of Moscow State University

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Guys I am from Azerbaijan (just a little bit southern than Russia ), and I totally disagree with these arguments. Russia is a great country with good peoples. It has a long history and great culture . Please do not belive to evry bullshit that is written on internet.

But Picture are Pretty :D

Hi Sabrina Collier i want talk to you but in the website or internet i did not get any information of you, so please contact me at (email removed)

Hi Paras, I'm afraid we can't respond to individual enquiries via email, but if you'd like to leave your question here I will get back to you. :)