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4 of the Best Vloggers for Student Life in Paris

4 of the Best Vloggers for Student Life in Paris main image

Ah… Paris, France, the city of lights, pantomimes, love – and stripes.

*Record scratch*

Aside from the usual clichés, what’s it actually like to live and study in Paris?

Ranked second in the QS Best Student Cities 2017, Paris has quite a reputation as a desirable student city, not least for its food, student nights, world-renowned universities and… diet. But what do the city’s vloggers have to say about student life in Paris?

Read on for four of the best vloggers living in Paris to discover insider tips and seasoned advice about studying in France, student discounts, cheap eats and cultural acclimatization!

1. Damon and Jo

Damon and Jo are “two 90s kids who got tired of cheesy travel shows and cookie-cutter travel hosts”, who started their own YouTube channel for millennials with itchy feet after studying in France.

From finding student jobs in Paris on an American visa to renting a chambre de bonne (bedsit) in the city center, not to mention the full range of student discounts at your disposal, Damon and Jo will help you be in the know about all the bons plans (life hacks) in Paris to make your time in the city a success.

An absolute must-see, 10 Tips for Studying Abroad in Paris catalogues “must-know travel tips for anyone studying abroad in Paris”. Also super useful, Mots Difficiles à Prononcer en Français is a list of some of the hardest-to-pronounce French words which foreigners often stumble over.  

2. Meesh First 

Michelle’s an American vlogger who’s spent some time in France to complete an internship and now regularly vlogs helpful tips and advice about studying and interning abroad in Paris. Some of the best, most helpful video explainers on Michelle’s YouTube channel include The Cost of Living and Studying in Paris and French Dorm Room Tour – both of which will give you a very good idea of the value you could expect to get for your money while studying in Paris, in terms of your tuition fees and accommodation.

3. Emily Stoker

Emily, 23, a vlogger from the UK, spent six months in Paris where she interned at a PR company as part of her university year abroad. While Emily does admit that her “first two months [in Paris were spent] floating between a little bit unsatisfied to utterly miserable”, things took a turn for the better, and Emily now cherishes her time in the French capital as a very valuable life experience. Check out her 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Moving to Paris for information about how to set up a French bank account, how to find affordable accommodation, access healthcare, and any financial aid you might be eligible for while studying in Paris.

4. Alex French Guy Cooking

As a student living in one of the world’s most expensive cities, the odds are that you’ll have to cook your own meals.

Much praised for its health benefits, the French diet isn’t about calorie counting, as much as it is about variety, slow-eating and enjoying the richness of flavors (in moderation)… So, why not make the most of your time studying in France to learn the rudiments of French cooking and impress your folks back home when you visit?

Popular video recipes on Alex French Guy Cooking’s YouTube channel include his no-brainer pain au chocolat, cheesy croque monsieur, lovely buttery French king cake and of course his delicious crepes!

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