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5 Essential Apps for Students in London

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Starting life in a new place can be both exhilarating and daunting at the same time – and the bright lights, crowds and eccentricities of the UK capital certainly take some getting used to. However, there are plenty of great apps for students in London, to help you get to grips with everything from traveling across town to ordering a takeaway. Check out these five great apps for students in London…

1) Tubenav

One of the most common questions asked by newcomers to the city is, “What’s the nearest station to…?” So why not get an app that answers that very question? Tubenav summarizes popular places and venues in London, in sync with an interactive map of the underground system. Click on stations to discover bars, restaurants and points of interest. The app also lets you book tables at restaurants, view a live feed of popular images in an area and find the nearest bike hire station. And this is all in addition to regular underground service announcements.

2) RedLaser

There’s no denying that London is an expensive place to live, and that’s an especially big challenge for students. The moment you set foot outside the confines of your Students’ Union, prices start to soar. But if you’re keen to explore the deep and vast fashion culture of London, this is the app for you! RedLaser will help you beat the market by scanning the barcode of your next purchase and seeing if you can find it cheaper elsewhere or online. Don’t buy anything without it!

3) TimeOut

The longstanding companion app for Londoners and inhabitants of other major capital cities, TimeOut provides you with a weekly list of the most exciting upcoming events. Not only that, but it will provide you with plenty of honest reviews to scour when you’re planning your next night out or cultural expedition. Including everything from an editor’s selection of the best breakfasts in town, to reviews of the latest art openings, TimeOut is the perfect app for Google-eyed adventurers.

4) Hungry House

Whilst you may like to cook for yourself, there are bound to be days when you fancy a change or simply need a quick bite in between studying, working, seeing friends and extra-curricular activities. Indeed, London is certainly not short on great restaurants and fantastic takeaways. So indulge yourself with the Hungry House app and get great food delivered straight to your dorm. With honest reviews of your local takeaways as well as regular offers and discounts, Hungry House has become a firm favorite app for Londoners.

5) Uber

Last but not least on list of great apps for students in London is the handy private car hire app, Uber. If you find yourself stranded somewhere unfamiliar, it’s often easier to just book yourself a cab rather than taking the risk of missing the last train/bus. The Uber app is perfect for such situations, providing you with a live map of Uber drivers in your area, as well as competitive prices all synced to your phone. This way, you never need to worry about having cash or card on hand and you will always find a safe way home.

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Written by Dasha Karzunina
Originally Russian, Dasha studied at the University of Nottingham. During her degree in maths and philosophy, she fell in love with university life and was soon involved in student politics. She took on various roles of responsibility within the student theatre, student media groups, sports teams and student democratic structures. Her passion for higher education and student interests led to her representing students full-time for a year and then gaining a role within QS as International Research Liaison.Dasha is a keen linguist, a runner and a theatre enthusiast. She believes in the power of words and excellent presentation and takes every opportunity to travel. Her ambition is to empower the world by ensuring more people have access to high quality education.

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Isn’t add another two to his list:
- Citymapper. Hands down the best app for getting around London, includes all public transport, walking, and uber/taxi. (Also available in other cities)
- Tabled. It takes your interests and sets you up with similar people for fun meals around London. I was initially wary but the meals are actually really fun.

I think a student safety app is also really important. the free Self Evident App allows you to report to the police or other organisations using your phone. You can include photos, videos and recordings. The App was designed to give confidence to people using it for areas such as cyber bullying, sexual harassment and hate crime. This is a useful link -https://www.witnessconfident.org/self-evident-app