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7 Things to do on a West Coast US Road Trip

7 Things to do on a West Coast US Road Trip main image

Last year, I studied abroad in the United States, and me and two other friends from Germany thought the best way to end our time was to do a road trip along the West Coast! If you're planning the same thing, here are seven recommendations...

1. Rent a car/camper

Our trip was around 20 days and we wanted to save some money and not spend it all on hostels and hotels. Therefore, we rented a camper. It was not huge but we were able to sleep in it and we even had a little kitchen in the back (with a fridge and a hot plate), which was hilarious! It was perfect for our trip and we saved a lot of money because of that. However, when we stayed in a place for longer, we rented a room via Airbnb.

2. See the redwoods

One of the best things during our US road trip was seeing the redwoods. The redwood trees are the largest and tallest trees in the world and can live for thousands of years. It is even possible to drive through some of them in your car. It was awesome to see them and we were just speechless when we saw them for the first time!

3. Visit Tunnel View in Yosemite National Park

The famous "Tunnel View" at Yosemite National Park was probably the most beautiful view we had during our whole road trip. You are looking over a valley and in the back between two mountains you see the glacier. It is just so beautiful!

One point to note: if you drive here during winter, you will need to bring snow chains! We didn't and we had to get pulled out by a ranger... To make sure you're safe, bring snow chains and buy them before you go, because in the Park they are really expensive. We made this mistake.

4. Take a boat tour along the bay in San Francisco

San Francisco was one of my favorite cities during our US road trip. The city is full of life and there are many cute shops and cafés. It's just so beautiful and full or charm, with the houses on the hill. I highly recommend the boat tour because you get a better feeling for the city. You have a better overview and see the beautiful coastline. Additionally, you get to see Treasure Island and Alcatraz Island up close, and of course the Golden Gate Bridge. During the boat tour you get too see so much – it is well worth the price!

5. Drive on Route 1

Route 1 is the road that goes along the coast from the north of San Francisco to Dana Point (between LA and San Diego). We actually drove on Route 1 from the north of San Francisco until we reached the city. It is beautiful because you drive directly along the coast the whole time. Especially sunsets are just the best! We actually stopped at one point and sat on the top of our camper with blankets, to watch the sunset. However, many locals told us that the view even gets better between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

6. Visit the Grand Canyon

I think this point does not need any explanations... We did the Skywalk; however, there are several spots where you can go and have an awesome view.

7. Relax at Huntington Beach

My last recommendation is Huntington Beach in Los Angeles. It is the surfer beach in LA, where many professionals surf. The atmosphere is great with all the surfers, shops, and relaxed people.

In general, we had such a good time on our US road trip and got to see many extreme landscapes. From the redwoods, to the Grand Canyon, and the beautiful beaches in LA! It was such a good time and I highly recommend doing this tour.

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Written by Rebekka Vos

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