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9 of the Best Places to Spend a Semester Abroad

By Andrei Shenin

Updated January 26, 2017 Updated January 26, 2017

Academic mobility has become an indispensable part of the academic process for students around the world – including students here in Kazakhstan. Studying abroad for a semester or longer is a great opportunity to develop global skills and become more competitive in the labor market.

Universities are increasingly striving to offer study abroad programs for their students. As a young but fast-developing university, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (ENU) provides students with great opportunities to study abroad across the world. The university’s connections make the dreams of thousands of students possible.

Here are the top nine for ENU students to study abroad for a semester or more:

1. United States

United States

ENU students have the chance to study abroad at one of the best US public universities – the University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). Experts and professors at Pitt are always glad to share knowledge with students, especially with those who are interested in medicine and engineering – spheres in which Pitt has always been among the best.

2. Germany

Germany welcomes visiting students from other countries and offers the great opportunity to feel the “power of education” at Otto-von-Guericke University. This young university, founded in 1993, already has a reputation as one of the most progressive universities in Germany. It offers a wide range of programs from philosophy to chemistry, and a very comfortable campus, of course.

3. Lithuania

Lithuania, in its turn, demonstrates hospitality for students at some of its biggest universities: Vilnius University, which is the oldest and sounds like a spell from the Harry Potter books; Vytautas Magnus University, which provides top-level education in social sciences and humanities; and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, a leader in engineering and industrial technology sciences.

4. Slovakia

Slovakian trump ace is Comenius University in Bratislava. Working for almost 100 years, Comenius can offer an effective program for any student whose wish is to become an expert. Choose Comenius University for your semester abroad, and you will never regret this.

5. Slovenia

Just try to imagine: 64,000 students! This is an average number of students at Slovenia’s University of Ljubljana, which also contains 22 departments, three art academies, 3,500 professors and assistants, and a budget of more than €300 million. Still thinking about which university to choose for your semester abroad?

6. Spain

Cordoba University is one of the best places to study abroad in Spain, offering the opportunity to spend time at a leading research and teaching institution… yeah, ok, we got it. But there’s more: how about spending time in a hot country with a great climate, great food, great shopping and, of course, great people! If you, as a young student, want to live and work in an environment like this, with a good salary, you must be the best of the best. And a semester abroad at Cordoba University is a good place to start. 

7. Poland


Poland offers ENU students opportunities to study abroad at a selection of well-recognized universities: Cracow University of Economics, the University of Wroclaw, University of Warsaw, Silesian University of Technology, and Cracow University of Technology. It’s well-known that Poland is among the leaders in education in Europe. Thus, by spending a semester abroad or longer in Poland, ENU students can gain invaluable knowledge for future study and research.

8. Czech Republic

For fans of the Czech Republic, ENU offers the chance to study abroad at the University of Ostrava! Immersion in the Czech language and culture, with a high standard of education and new knowledge in the social sciences will definitely impress every visiting student.

9. Romania

If you think Romania is just the homeland of Count Dracula, you are totally wrong. Here, ENU presents Babeș-Bolyai University: 41,000 students, 21 departments, partnerships with 210 universities in 50 countries. Programs are taught in Romanian, Hungarian, German, English, and French, and it is widely considered one of the most prestigious universities in Eastern Europe.

Finally, it should be emphasized that there are many universities in post-USSR space, but only a few of them offer the chance to spend almost a year studying abroad in other universities, absolutely free. L.N. Gumilyov ENU has a strong focus on exchange programs, because we believe that international communication is the most effective way to a brighter future.

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This article was originally published in December 2016 . It was last updated in January 2017

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