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The Best Smartphone Apps to Use When Looking for A Job

The Best Smartphone Apps to Use When Looking for A Job main image

By Jen Anderson

When it comes to looking for a job, the days of handwritten cover letters and paper application forms are behind us. Modern jobseekers instead spend most of their time scouring job websites for opportunities and filling in online applications, rather than handing out copies of their CV.

Whether you’re looking for a graduate job or something part-time to fit around your studies, there’s an app that can help you in your quest. Here are some suggestions to get you started

Download jobsite apps for up-to-date listings

All the major recruitment websites have apps these days. They’ll allow you to upload your CV, set your job preferences and search for vacancies on the go. The best part is – most of them are free.

You’ll find that different companies specialize in different areas, and some will even search other job sites for opportunities as well as have ads posted direct to their site.

As always, the wider your job search the more opportunities you’ll find – so get downloading.

Practice tests on the go

Many application processes – especially for graduate jobs – now feature aptitude and psychometric tests. Usually these involve numerical and word-based questions, as well as personality tests, which are designed to figure out if you’re a good fit for the role. Practicing them beforehand is key, and there are plenty of free tests online, but with the help of apps you can take them anywhere.

Break IN2 is a combined jobsite and test practice app, and Grad DNA has six psychometric tests designed specifically for graduates. There are more pay-to-use apps with a wider variety of tests but both of the above are free.

Be your own boss

If you don’t fancy workplace life, apps can help you to give self-employment a go. Online shops like Etsy are great for creative types with handmade arts and crafts to sell, and the app will let you keep tabs on your business at all times.

We all know about eBay and Gumtree already, but there are also more niche apps like Vinted which is specifically for selling clothes. You’ll get rid of clutter and make money in the process – it’s a win-win. Some apps like Qmee will reward you with cash or retail vouchers for completing surveys. They won’t pay your rent but every little helps, right?

These apps are a great way to make a quick buck, but we’d recommend doing your research and sticking to the big-name sites to avoid getting ripped off.

Pick up new skills, from a second language to website building

There’s not much a good app can’t do, and that includes helping you learn new skills to add to your CV. Desperate to work abroad but worried about the language barrier? Try DuoLingo. Khan Academy and Coursera also have a wide variety of online courses and are great for plugging any gaps in your general knowledge.

Needless to say, there’s also lots you can learn by watching a YouTube tutorial – everything from website building to philosophy. Download the YouTube app and next time you’re waiting for a bus, watch a video to improve your Excel skills instead of browsing Facebook.

Jen Anderson writes for Inspiring Interns, which specializes in sourcing candidates for internships and graduate jobs.

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