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Fast Facts About Medicine – Infographic

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Unsure whether to study medicine or not? Check out our dedicated infographic which summarizes facts and myths about this popular subject, the multiple career paths you can opt for, as well as the famous people who attended medical school – you’ll be surprised by some!


Infographic by Georgia Philippou for TopUniversities.com

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Written by Sofia Konstantzou
Sofia formerly worked for QS's social media team. She holds a Master of Arts in Brands, Communication and Culture from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is originally from Athens, Greece.

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Hey there,
Is there any possibilities for a fully funded scholarships or atleast a monthly stipends undergraduate degree abroad? For business or international relations course.

My name is Siyabonga and I am originally from South Africa. I am currently in the 11th grade(the year before my final academic year in high school) in my country. I am currently in Germany for a short while as an exchange student and I wanted to find out more information about applying at German Universities as an international student. I have no prior teaching/knowledge of German as German is not offered as a subject at my school, but I am willing to learn the language so that I can be admitted into a university here in Germany. I would like to know which institutions offer Medicine in English. There is about a year left, so I would like to gather as much information about applying at a university in Germany as possible,so that I can have enough information in order to start preparing my marks.

Yours in need

Hi Siyabonga, you can study medicine for free in Germany, but will need to possess a very good knowledge of the German language as no English-taught courses are available. You can find out more about the requirements and how to apply here, and our complete guide on how to study abroad in Germany should also be useful for getting you started. Hope this helps! 

hi I am luwam could you please help me how to find scholarship to study medicine in German

Hi Luwam, you can study medicine for free at any public university in Germany, but you'll need to have a very good knowledge of German. To find a scholarship to help with living costs you could check out this article, and you can read more about medical degrees in Germany here. Hope this helps!

How do I get a scholarship to study in Canada

Hi Carlos, we've listed scholarships to study in Canada here, and our article listing medical scholarships includes options to study in Canada. :)

i am Salome Kavishe. I am done with my A-level studies in Tanzania and Am finding a scholarship of MBBS Canada but i don't the right university for me. please help me out

Hi Salome, it may help to look at our rankings by subject for medicine, with the results narrowed down to show only Canadian universities.