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10 Reasons NOT to Study in Australia main image
26 Apr 2018
Australia…eugh. Find out why Australia’s actually a pretty terrible choice of study destination.
10 Things You Must Try When You Study in Sydney main image
09 Feb 2017
Planning to study in Sydney? Check out these 10 essential activities you absolutely have to sample during your time in the city.
QS System Strength Rankings 2016: #4 – Australia main image
20 May 2016
Among the world’s leading study destinations, Australia is ranked fourth in the new QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. Find out why.
TOPUNIVERSITIES Australia by date
29 Dec 2015
Discover some fun facts about Melbourne and Sydney, named as two of the top study destinations in the QS Best Student Cities 2016.
Slideshow: 7 Surprising Facts about Sydney main image
18 Dec 2015
Did you know Sydney has been ranked the world’s fourth best city for students in the latest QS Best Student Cities index? Here are 7 more facts about the city!
Top 7 Things to do in Melbourne main image
22 Dec 2014
Planning to visit Melbourne as a traveller or student? Check out these top 7 things to do in Melbourne, from a current international student.
QS Best Student Cities 2015: Melbourne Vs Sydney main image
12 Dec 2014
Melbourne or Sydney?Two of the best places to study abroad in Australia go head to head in the battle for student enrolments! 
Does the City Matter When Choosing a University? main image
21 Nov 2014
Does the city really matter when choosing a university? International students in Australia share their advice and personal priorities.