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 10 Most Beautiful Places in Latin America main image
26 Nov 2020
Don’t miss these 10 beautiful places to see during your study abroad experience in Latin America.
16 Apr 2019
Think Easter is all about chocolate eggs and bunnies? Think again…
15 Apr 2019
How much do you know about Easter festivities across the globe? Take our quiz to find out…
TOPUNIVERSITIES culture by date
Top Dishes in Latin American Cuisine main image
31 Oct 2018
Explore some of the tastiest and most popular dishes in Latin American cuisine, including regional specialties and suggested restaurants.
Must-See Cultural Festivals in Asia main image
24 Oct 2018
Don’t miss these must-see cultural festivals in Asia while studying abroad in the region.
A Gastronomic Tour of Best Student Cities in Asia main image
30 May 2014
Discover Asia’s many culinary delights on this gastronomic tour of the best student cities in Asia.
The Importance of Friendship in Different Cultures main image
10 Mar 2014
How do approaches to friendship vary? International student Aliya explores the importance of friendship across the world. 
Study in France: Five Things to Know main image
10 Jun 2013
Five useful pieces of information for those who want to study in France.