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TOPUNIVERSITIES international students by date
2016 in Review: What Just Happened?! main image
20 Dec 2016
It’s been quite a year… Find out what’s been at the top of the agenda for international students, with TopUniversities.com’s 2016 review.
10 US Universities with the Most International Students main image
26 Oct 2016
Want to study in the US with lots of other nationalities? Discover 10 US universities with the highest proportions of international students.
4 Things That Will Happen if You Study in a Second Language main image
30 Sep 2016
Planning to study in a second/third/fourth language? Get ready for these four things that will definitely happen…
TOPUNIVERSITIES international students by date
How to Celebrate Christmas as an International Student in the US main image
16 Dec 2015
There are lots of great ways to celebrate Christmas while you study in the US. Check out our top five tips for the festive season. 
Students Online: Global Trends 2015 – Five Infographics main image
24 Sep 2015
Get key findings from the Students Online: Global Trends report in 5 infographics, highlighting trends in prospective students’ online research. 
What Would a Student-Created University Ranking Look Like? main image
09 Jun 2015
What would university rankings look like if created by prospective students? We asked students – check out the ranking they designed. 
Middle Eastern Students Abroad: In Numbers main image
10 Apr 2015
Get the latest stats on the Middle Eastern countries sending most students abroad, and their most popular destinations.
Study English Abroad: Five Less Typical Destinations main image
24 Sep 2014
Want to improve your English language skills? Take a look at these five destinations in which to study English, outside of the US, UK or Australia.