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TOPUNIVERSITIES international students by date
2016 in Review: What Just Happened?! main image
20 Dec 2016
It’s been quite a year… Find out what’s been at the top of the agenda for international students, with TopUniversities.com’s 2016 review.
10 US Universities with the Most International Students main image
26 Oct 2016
Want to study in the US with lots of other nationalities? Discover 10 US universities with the highest proportions of international students.
4 Things That Will Happen if You Study in a Second Language main image
30 Sep 2016
Planning to study in a second/third/fourth language? Get ready for these four things that will definitely happen…
TOPUNIVERSITIES international students by date
Study Abroad in One of the Happiest Countries in the World main image
29 May 2014
Want to study abroad in a happy country? Find out what which nations have been ranked as the happiest countries in the world this year by the OECD.
Does the World Need More University Rankings? main image
20 May 2014
Why are more international and regional university rankings being developed? Get a summary of the debate at the IREG-7 conference.
Deciding Where to Study Abroad main image
25 Feb 2014
Struggling to decide where to study abroad? Find out what students worldwide identified as their top priorities when choosing a country.
New Report on International Student Mobility main image
18 Feb 2014
Get insights into the latest trends in international student mobility with a new report based on global surveys over the last five years.
Studying Abroad Makes You More Attractive main image
16 Jul 2013
Find out why studying abroad could make you more attractive, and take note of these international dating tips.