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Oldest universities in the US main image
19 Jun 2019
Discover 10 of the oldest universities in the US, including some of the world’s most famous institutions.
10 of the Greenest Universities in the US main image
14 Feb 2018
Discover 10 of the greenest universities in the US, both in terms of sustainability and for having gorgeous green spaces. 
21 of the Funniest Thanksgiving Tweets From Students main image
21 Nov 2017
Can you relate to any of these hilarious Thanksgiving tweets?
TOPUNIVERSITIES North America by date
8 Alternative Spring Break Plans Which Will Impress Employers main image
10 Apr 2017
Don’t fancy getting wasted in Cancun? Here are 8 other ways to spend your spring break.              
What NOT to Do When Studying Abroad in the US main image
06 Oct 2016
Planning to study in the US? Here are seven things to avoid at all costs…
LGBT rainbow flag
28 Sep 2015
Discover 10 of the most LGBTQ-friendly US universities, based on the results on the Campus Pride Index 2015.
10 Most Beautiful Cities for Students main image
06 May 2014
It’s not all about looks, but a good view could make your study abroad experience even more enjoyable! Which of these beautiful cities would you choose?