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TOPUNIVERSITIES social media by date
Social media dos and don’ts at university main image
27 Aug 2019
Use social media to your benefit at university with our social media dos and don’ts.  
Student YouTuber OhhItsOnlyAlice Shares Her Top Vlogging Tips main image
26 Sep 2017
Read about Alice Thorpe (OhhItsOnlyAlice)’s tips for YouTube success, and what she’s learned from four years on YouTube.
How Becoming a YouTuber Changed My Life main image
15 Aug 2017
I started my YouTube account as a hobby but now it’s so much more.
TOPUNIVERSITIES social media by date
Using Social Media Marketing in Higher Education main image
01 Aug 2014
Get advice on using social media marketing in higher education, based on the Students Online: Global Trends report.
Using Social Media to Find a Job main image
08 May 2014
Want some tips on using social media to find a job? Here’s how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube can help you.
Four of the Best Apps for Literature Students main image
22 Oct 2013
Studying literature at university? Make life easier for yourself with these four best apps for literature students.
Fashion Careers: How to Get Into Fashion Buying main image
16 Oct 2013
Want to get into fashion buying? Follow this step by step guide for those starting out in fashion careers, written by a fashion buyer.
Who to Follow on Twitter: Engineering main image
10 Oct 2013
Get a quick guide to who to follow on Twitter if you want to stay up to date with the latest engineering research, jobs and trends.