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TOPUNIVERSITIES student cities by date
7 Best Student Cities You’ve Never Heard Of main image
06 Aug 2019
Discover a range of lesser known student cities you might not have thought of.
7 Best Student Cities by the Beach main image
05 Aug 2019
Dreaming of studying close to a beach, with the sea breeze in your hair? Check out our selection of the best student cities by the beach.
London underground commuters
08 Feb 2019
Looking to study in London? Here’s a brutally honest account on what it’s like to commute here…
TOPUNIVERSITIES student cities by date
10 Most Beautiful Places in Latin America main image
31 Oct 2018
Don’t miss these 10 beautiful places to see during your study abroad experience in Latin America.
7 of the Best Small Student Cities main image
23 Feb 2017
Want to study abroad but not keen on huge metropolises? Check out our list of the best small student cities. 
10 Reasons to Study in Montreal main image
16 Feb 2017
Montréal has been ranked the world’s #1 city for students. Here are 10 reasons to study there, through the eyes of the locals!
7 Times Montréal Proved it’s the World’s #1 Student City main image
15 Feb 2017
Montréal has been named the world’s #1 city for students this year. Find out why, with these 7 perfect moments captured on Instagram.
5 Essential Factors When Choosing a Student City main image
15 Dec 2016
Whichever part of the world you plan to study in, make sure your student city meets these five key criteria.