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TOPUNIVERSITIES student finance by date
Five Tips to Help Save Money as a Student main image
13 Jul 2018
Feeling strapped for cash? Find out how to make your money go further.
Nine Unexpected Ways to Save Money as a Student main image
22 Nov 2017
Racing through your money too quickly? Here are some ways to save money while at uni.
6 Ways to Survive January on a Student Budget main image
06 Jan 2017
Feeling a bit strapped for cash after the festive season? Read our tips on how to survive January on a student budget!
TOPUNIVERSITIES student finance by date
10 Most Cost-Effective Places to Study in the UK main image
27 Sep 2016
Where are the most (and least) cost-effective places to study in the UK? Get the top 10, including average student income and spending by city.
5 Tips for Studying Abroad on a Budget main image
19 Sep 2016
Keen to keep your study abroad experience within budget? Follow these five tips, including useful websites and apps.
4 Things You Need to Know About Student Loan Debt main image
17 Mar 2016
Worried about your student loan debt? Find out what you can do to reduce the burden of college debt. 
How to Survive Christmas on a Student Budget main image
17 Dec 2015
Worried about overspending during the holiday season? Follow these top 7 tips to survive Christmas on a student budget.
How to Sell Your Used College Textbooks main image
22 Sep 2015
Want to earn some extra money by selling your used college textbooks? Find out how, when and where to do this for maximum profits.