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TOPUNIVERSITIES student jobs by date
Part-Time Jobs For Seriously Busy Students main image
27 Dec 2017
Not got enough time spare to commit to a proper part-time job? Try these super-flexible, well-paid student jobs.
How to Earn Money While You Travel main image
28 Jun 2017
Traveling the world is amazing, but can also be expensive. Follow these tips to find work and earn money while you travel and keep your bank balance in the black.
Top 5 Things to Look Out for When Choosing Student Jobs main image
03 Nov 2016
How can you find the right student job for you? Keep these five key criteria in mind… 
TOPUNIVERSITIES student jobs by date
Top 5 Jobs for Students in the UK main image
07 Apr 2015
Need a part-time job while studying in the UK? Check out these top 5 jobs for students in the UK.
How to Make Money Out of Your Hobbies main image
11 Mar 2015
Want to earn some extra money alongside your studies? Find out how to turn your hobbies into potential sources of income.
How to Ace Your Next Job Interview main image
09 Mar 2015
Preparing for a job interview? Follow these four steps to success, from optimizing your online presence to making a good first impression on the day.
How NOT to Apply for an Awesome Travel Job main image
23 Feb 2015
Want to work in travel? Make sure you avoid these common mistakes when applying for the travel job of your dreams.
How to Find Work When You Are Studying main image
06 Feb 2015
Looking for student jobs? Get ahead of the job hunting game with these tips on where and how to search most effectively.