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TOPUNIVERSITIES student jobs by date
Part-Time Jobs For Seriously Busy Students main image
27 Dec 2017
Not got enough time spare to commit to a proper part-time job? Try these super-flexible, well-paid student jobs.
How to Earn Money While You Travel main image
28 Jun 2017
Traveling the world is amazing, but can also be expensive. Follow these tips to find work and earn money while you travel and keep your bank balance in the black.
Top 5 Things to Look Out for When Choosing Student Jobs main image
03 Nov 2016
How can you find the right student job for you? Keep these five key criteria in mind… 
TOPUNIVERSITIES student jobs by date
How to Find a Student Job in Germany main image
01 Dec 2014
Considering studying abroad in Germany, or already there? Get some tips on how to find a student job alongside your studies.
How to Boost Your CV While You Study main image
11 Sep 2014
Want to make sure you’re ready to impress potential employers? Find out how to boost your CV and demonstrate essential transferable skills.
How to Find an Internship Abroad main image
04 Sep 2014
Want to boost your résumé with an international internship? Choose one of these three strategies to find an internship abroad.
Saving Money at University: 5 Tips main image
03 Sep 2014
Worried about overspending during your studies? Follow these five tips to save money and keep within your student budget.
Gap Year Jobs to Match your Degree main image
26 Aug 2014
Planning your gap year? Find out how to choose a gap year job that will prepare you for your future studies and career.